The NFT industry is growing at an incredible pace, and with that growth comes new opportunities for brands to make money. But it’s not just about making money—it’s about making sure your brand stands out from the crowd and gets noticed by new customers. 

Big brands are joining the NFT industry because they want to be part of a new wave of innovation, and they’re also looking for ways to expand their customer base. By joining the NFT marketplace for the fashion industry, brands can reach out to a wider audience and build trust with customers. They can also display their brand in an interactive way that consumers will love. 

How Fashion Industry Can Take Advantage of the NFT? 

Joining the NFT industry allows you to reach more people than ever before, but it does not necessitate a complete overhaul of your brand. It means that you’ll be able to reach new audiences while still keeping your existing customers happy and engaged with what they know and love—and keep them coming back for more! 

Another benefit is that these initiatives can create brand loyalty among fans who are invested in their favorite brands—and this can lead to increased sales over time as well! The key is making sure that the product you’re offering is something people want—and not just something they’ll take because they think it’s cool. 

By joining the NFT industry, fashion brands get access to more resources. They can use these resources such as APIs and other digital platforms which allow them to take advantage of new technology trends. This will help them stay ahead of their competition by providing them with new ideas that may not have been thought about before this stage of existence! 

RTFKT Selling Virtual Products 

RTFKT is an online platform that sells virtual sneakers. It uses the blockchain to create a unique shoe model, which can be used to purchase or trade with other users. The process is completely decentralized, and the RTFKT brand is owned by the community. 

The RTFKT brand was created by a group of artists, designers, and educators who wanted to create a new way for people to express themselves through their choice of shoes. The goal was to make it easier for people who didn’t have access to designer shoes or couldn’t afford them to be able to express themselves in style. 

Dolce and Gabbana 

Following Nike’s NFT fundraising success, Dolce & Gabbana has brought in $25.65 million. It is estimated that they made $5.65 million from the sale of their first NFT Collezione Genesi. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created 9 unique pieces for their collection. Additionally to the NFT, purchasers of these items were given the actual products as well as invitations to private Dolce & Gabbana events.  

The company’s second NFT line with UNXD debuted in 2022. There are 5,000 DGFamily Boxes available, and each one is a pass to exclusive material and events hosted by D&G. Only 75 are made of platinum, while the remaining 4,250 are black. All digital experiences are available to those with a Black Box subscription, while those with a Platinum or Gold Box additionally have access to live events. 


Gucci was one of the first companies to launch an NFT on the blockchain back in 2016 and has continued to release new NFT since then including “Gucci Coin,” which was launched in 2018 as part of a new collection of items that included watches, rings, earrings, and cufflinks. 

The NFT will be available on Gucci’s website, as well as through third-party platforms like Crypto Kitties. Users can collect them using their Ethereum address and then trade them with other users in exchange for other digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

These NFT are available in several styles and colors, with prices ranging from $50 to $300. The first time you see one of these on Gucci’s site, you’ll notice that it looks exactly like an ordinary piece of jewelry—but when you open it up, it’s a digital token that can be traded on the blockchain. 

Louis Vuitton NFT Game 

Louis Vuitton has announced a new NFT collecting game, which will allow gamers to collect and trade NFT of their favorite brands. The game is called LV Collectors Club and it’s being developed by the e-commerce platform Bit Pay. 

The Louis Vuitton NFT collecting game is a new way to collect artworks from the iconic fashion brand. The game, which has been launched on the Louis Vuitton Art Platform, features an original virtual reality experience, in which players can interact with and acquire limited edition artworks from the collection. 

The first phase of the game will begin on June 23rd, with the release of three limited edition items: a Louis Vuitton wallet, a Louis Vuitton backpack, and a Louis Vuitton tumbler. 

Each item will be sold at a fixed price of $17 (€15). After they’ve been sold out, they’ll be available again at half-price — that’s $6 (€5). Louis Vuitton is also working with other brands on the project, including Cartier and Chanel. 


Fashion brands can use digital assets as part of their marketing campaigns and gain more attention from potential clients. These digital assets could be anything from clothing lines to cosmetics products or even restaurants! This will help them stand out in the crowd and attract new customers. 

The major brands are joining the NFT industry for the same reason that smaller companies are: it is a great way to get your name out there, and it has a lot of benefits. For one thing, it’s an effective way to engage with customers who have already made up their minds about what they like or don’t like. 

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