Real Estate NFT

We allow you to invest in real estate in form of fractionalized properties with no need to mortgage or pay large down payments. All you need to do is buy share in rental properties and manage your portfolio with our user-friendly app. All other processes are handled by us – we screen your tenants and also handle the sales process, allowing you to relax. 

AI NFT Marketplace

SmartArt NFT functions as a decentralized marketplace designed for the exchange of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), operating atop the Ethereum blockchain. This framework ensures a secure, transparent, and decentralized environment for NFT transactions. NFTs, commonly referred to as digital collectibles, represent distinct digital assets verified on the blockchain.

Prize Bond

This offering involves establishing a decentralized, redeemable prize bond system utilizing Ethereum as the digital currency. Users acquire distinctive ERC1155 NFTs symbolizing prize bonds, which are redeemable for their designated values. Lotteries determine three winners who have the flexibility to redeem their prizes at their convenience.


HTB represents a privately issued stable coin engineered to preserve its value by employing collateral management and a suite of user-centered functionalities. It provides a secure and intuitive stable coin ecosystem, supported by smart contracts and governance attributes, all the while ensuring a stable correlation to a designated asset or currency.