Optimus Fox specializes in connecting you with top-tier dedicated remote developers specifically tailored for your web and mobile projects.

Our primary objective is to match your business requirements with developers who can deliver scalable and robust solutions. With access to a talent pool of skilled and experienced professionals, we are committed to ensuring the success of your projects.

Reasons To Hire Dedicated Developers For Your Project

Highly Skilled

With dedicated developers, you get a diverse and highly skilled workforce. When you hire developers externally, you also get multiple points of view in regard to software development. This can help you obtain innovative solutions through diverse mindsets. This would not be possible if you chose to hire talent locally.

Greater Flexibility

It would help increase flexibility within the company. Companies may not be in need of developers throughout the year. What they can do in that case is hire developers temporarily to augment their team before the in-demand season begins. After the demanding season ends, companies can revert back to their in-house team.

Gives You a Competitive Edge

Working with a team of people with skills and expertise sets you apart from your competitors. A small team of experts is way more effective and can provide scalable results than hiring a large team of people who lack experience and are just starting out. There is no point wasting time and resources on hiring rookies when you can utilize a small team of experts to get the job done faster and meet your business goals.

You Have More Control

When you hire dedicated development team, it gives you more control and helps you do things the way you would like them to be achieved. With a virtual team, you can decide how to take charge, how to manage tasks, and what deadlines should be set. You can also decide on the working schedules of the remote developers.

Less Time Required for Training

With a dedicated team of developers, you can get started with your project kickoff as quickly as possible. When you start a new project, you will need to hire a team accordingly and then spend months training them to make sure they are equipped with all of the technical skills and expertise to make the project a success. With a dedicated team, you can cut down that time, and instead of months, you just need weeks to train them. All of this is possible when you augment your team.

Excellent Quality

You can expect their services to be of superior quality. If you hire dedicated development team, it would most likely have its own QA experts and hence would make sure that your applications are error-free and have excellent performance.

No Investment Needed in Hardware and Software

When you hire an in-house team, you will have to invest in purchasing a lot of hardware and software equipment along with a workspace. You would need to set up all of the office equipment as well as buy computers, install different software and go the extra mile to accommodate the new team of developers. All of the time and money spent on this can be avoided by outsourcing dedicated developers. Through a dedicated team you would not have to deal with any hardware and software requirements.

Make your projects a guaranteed success with our Dedicated Developers

Things to Consider When Hire Dedicated Developers

Hire Dedicated Developer, Our Hiring Process

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Contact Us
Step 2
Going Over Requirements
Step 3
Finding Ideal Candidates
Step 4
Interviews & Selection
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You can hire a dedicated developer through popular Freelance platforms, hire in-house with the help of your HR team or avail the services of a Staff Augmentation company such as OptimusFox to get quality talent on board as quickly as possible.
These are outsourced teams of developers and work in a long-term relationship between a client (the outsourcing company) and service provider (which are the dedicated developers.) These dedicated teams work exclusively for you, the same way your in-house team does.
You can hire a dedicated team by contacting different staff augmentation companies. You should carry out background checks, find the ideal candidates through staff augmentation, interview them, and then onboard them.

Why Choose OptimusFox?

OptimusFox helps you hire dedicated developers for your project. We have trusted experts that will propel your projects towards success.

You can onboard the ideal dedicated team for you in next to no time. We guarantee to match you with the right fit that aligns with your goals and objectives. We help you hire dedicated developers for your project that help you achieve greater success.

You focus on making your projects a success, while we handle all of the hiring process, making it as seamless for you as possible and hassle-free. You focus on building great products, and our job is to give you the best resources that can help you meet that goal.

We offer flexibility in each and every aspect of the hiring process, so whether you’re looking for part-time hiring, remote hiring or full-time hiring, we’ve got you covered.

Our expert team of talent acquisition specialists aims to deliver the best-dedicated team  in less time, with minimum costs while ensuring high-quality services.