Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications are essential for organizations looking to gain an advantage over competitors. NLP is used in chatbots, intelligence search, healthcare, recruitment processes, and business intelligence. Our NLP services help organizations meet their business needs.

Natural Language Processing Services

We offer the following Natural Language Processing services to companies from all across the globe.

Neural Networks

These are a series of algorithms that seek to identify relationships in a data set through a process that mimics how the human brain works. Our team of expert AI developers will help you create neural networks to enhance performance.

Natural Language Processing

Whether through the use of voice or text, our NLP experts can help your company use language more effectively, from sentiment analysis to processing.

Machine Learning

An AI type that allows different software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes without being programmed to do it. Our ML engineers go the extra mile to ensure they can improve your company’s operations through data.

Supporting a wide range of business applications with NLP services

Advantages of NLP Services

Better Data Analysis

Unstructured data which includes things like documents, emails, and research work can be difficult for computers to process. With the help of NLP technology, a huge amount of text-based information can easily be processed and analyzed.

Better Understand the Market

NLP has a huge impact on marketing. You can use NLP natural language processing to understand the needs and wants of your customer base, which will help you better understand the market segment, target your customers directly as well as decrease the customer churn rate.

Improved Customer Experience

The implementation of artificial intelligence can provide valuable insights that can improve customer interactions as well as answer their queries. Performing an NLP analysis on customer satisfaction surveys can help you discover valuable information about how happy and satisfied customers are at every stage of their customer journey.

Empower Your Employees

You will be able to save your employees’ time by automating business processes and utilizing data analysis to their full potential. Your employees will be able to focus on all of the crucial tasks rather than having to spend it doing tedious and repetitive tasks. The time could be better spent putting their focus on the tasks that matter, thereby reducing boredom and becoming more productive as a result.

Reduced Costs

Efficient business processes lead to improved productivity within the company. Whether it entails responding to customer requests, ingesting customer data, or any other use cases, Natural Language Processing can help cut down costs significantly. Instead of needing multiple people to respond to customer queries, you can make use of effective NLP solutions and reduce the number of people needed for that. AI can provide data faster and also give meaningful insights, and this information can be useful in implementing the most excellent customer experiences.

Streamlined Processes

Professional service companies have to spend a lot of time reviewing volumes of contractual information. With the help of NLP systems, chatbots can be trained to find specific clauses across all of these documents without the need for human intervention. Deploying chatbots helps streamline the reviewing process. It frees the staff to focus on other important tasks while the documents are under review. Chatbots are not just limited to professional services. You can use them for social media, web pages, and applications so that the customer support staff can answer customer queries as quickly as possible.


Natural Language Process applications aims to build machines that can understand and respond to text or voice data. They then respond with text and speech of their own, similar to what humans do.

NLP allows machines to break down and interpret the human language. It has many use cases from translation software, spam filters, chatbots, voice assistants, and social media monitoring tools.

There are commonly two types of NLP: there is a rule-based system as well as a machine learning based system.

Why Choose OptimusFox?

OptimusFox helps organizations acquire unstructured content from sources both internal and  external for searching and analytics. We offer NLP Application Development services to help you with this. Our team has the expertise to identify and extract data with the help of information that can be downloaded and is available from sources on the internet as well as researching technologies that can help in meeting business needs.

The services offered by NLP companies are not fulfilling the demands of the enterprises because they are generic and costly. OptimusFox provides NLP services that not only secure your assets but are scalable, cost-effective, and offer user-friendly frameworks that fill the gap in existing NLP technologies.

Different sources provide different types of raw data. Once we acquire the content, data cleansing and formatting services are provided to ensure that data is properly prepared to achieve the desired results. Unstructured data can provide lots of valuable information. These include queries received from customers, email discussions, customer support requests, client reviews, etc.  All of this forms a part of unstructured data. We develop NLP applications to help organizations and offer techniques to help enterprises process, analyze, and understand unstructured data so that it can operate effectively.