NEAR Protocol Development

NEAR Protocol is a decentralized application platform renowned for its robust network, specifically designed to facilitate the development of scalable DApps.

With its rapid block creation rate of 1 second and exceptional transaction volume capacity of up to 100,000 transactions per second, NEAR Protocol offers unparalleled performance and compatibility when compared to alternative systems.

NEAR Protocol Development Services

Along with highly skilled NEAR protocol developers, create your next BIG idea. 

Scalable DApps

For start-ups and major corporations, our NEAR protocol specialists create dApps of the highest caliber. Our dApps will be scaled according to the scope and size of your business because they were created with end users' demands in mind.


We create and supply safe and effective crypto wallets that use the NEAR protocol development due to our extensive technical expertise. Utilize our wallets for quick and easy crypto trading, borrowing, and payments.

NFT Marketplaces

For the greatest NFT trading experience, we assist you in launching a marketplace that is user-friendly and feature-rich. We are aware of what is necessary to make your NEAR protocol NFT marketplace unique and appealing to both investors and creators.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

A blockchain's ability to function depends on smart contracts. Get specialized smart contracts to fuel your blockchain with operational, user-friendly solutions from our team.


Our team has all the technical expertise required to create distinctive decentralized solutions for your company's requirements. To attract a committed customer base and differentiate yourself from the competition, order a decentralized crypto exchange platform from our professionals.

Smart Contract Audit

Your blockchain product is kept secure and undamaged by a smart contract audit. This improves user confidence and protects against theft and misuse of on-chain assets. To ensure complete protection, entrust cybersecurity assessments to our professionals.

Reduce Human Intervention With Smart Contract Development

NEAR Protocol Advantages

Suitable for Developers
Effective from a financial standpoint
Extremely Quick
Indefinite Scalability
Decentralized Internet Development

Why Choose OptimusFox For Development On NEAR Protocol?


On the NEAR protocol development, we have vast experience developing a wide range of end-to-end blockchain-based solutions, from exchange bridges to cryptocurrency wallets and dApps.

Maintenance and Support

We provide extensive maintenance and support services to make sure the products we develop for you are up-to-date with technology and operate without interruption.

An impressive work portfolio

We present an excellent work portfolio that includes developing photorealistic twilight realm experiences, high-performance dApps, and ready-to-deploy NFT solutions.

Our NEAR Blockchain Development Process


Use our unique development services to take advantage of the NEAR protocol’s speed, compatibility, and affordability for outstanding business success. With the help of our team, employ NEAR smart contracts for your brand-new NFT marketplace, exchange, or dApp. In our mission to change the world with Web3, we prioritise usability. As a blockchain development firm, we have experience creating solutions that can scale up your business model while achieving sustainable growth. 


The NEAR Community network of researchers and enthusiasts introduced the NEAR blockchain protocol as a revolutionary method of dApp creation in 2018. It was created as a counter to Ethereum, which has serious scalability issues and high on-chain gas costs.  

It is the best blockchain for NFT minting and trading since NEAR has minimal, often even zero, on-chain gas expenses. Increasing gas costs on other blockchains, including Ethereum, make the creation and trade of NFTs an expensive endeavor. In turn, NEAR enables limitless app scaling without expensive fees, making the production of NFTs manageable and affordable. DAOs and DeFi are a few other application scenarios. 

Yes, the Near protocol enables mining through computations and puzzles. As a reward for completing “blocks” of validated transactions, which constitute an addition to the blockchain process, near protocol miners receive cryptocurrency. You can accomplish this without making a financial deposit.  

The current centralised web is the biggest opponent for all blockchain-based projects. NEAR is sometimes compared with other well-known scalable smart contract platforms in the decentralized web arena, such as Polkadot or Ethereum’s Serenity proposal.