OptimusFox is a Big Data service provider offering solutions to help businesses in developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy based on Big Data. Enhance the effective processes of your organization and ensure smooth-running business procedures. Drive maximum growth and increase your revenue stream.

Our Big Data Services

We offer Big Data consulting services to take your brand to the next level.

Big Data Consulting

Our big data consulting services aim to help you with the effective implementation of big data into your company. We give you a detailed roadmap of how to get started.

Big Data Implementation

We help you with the solution architecture & design, big data solutions development and the setting up of other big data governance procedures.

Big Data Support

We make timely software updates, make sure there’s backup and recovery and constantly monitor its performance as well as troubleshoot for any errors.

Enhance the effective processes of your organization with Big Data

Advantages of Big Data Services

Better Decision Making

Companies utilize Big Data to refine their advertising, communication, and business-to-business operations. Businesses across different industries need Big Data to make well-informed decisions. By using big data, businesses gain more insights into customer needs and behavioral tendencies. Big Data speeds up the decision-making process by providing advanced analytical insights and business intelligence. For instance, if a business has valuable customer data at its disposal, then it can use this information to gain a better insight into its target audience.

Fraud Detection

Financial companies can detect fraud using Big Data. Data analysts use both Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to detect any abnormality in the data. Any industry ensures security by early fraud identification before something serious happens to give great benefits and serve their customers in a better way. An example of this is how banks can know about fraudulent activities of credit cards with the use of BDA even before the cardholder can feel any suspicious activity.

Improved Customer Service

Excellent customer service is one of the defining factors that determine the success of a company. Companies can utilize BDA to target marketing campaigns and tailor them according to the individual needs of the customer. Big Data sources include custom relationship management (CRM) systems, social media, and email interactions. This helps provide rich information to companies about the customer’s values, pain points, and trends that can help brands to understand their customers and target audience in a better way. Big data also helps brands to understand customers' needs and therefore gives them the opportunity to offer personalized services. This helps companies build a better connection with their customers which ultimately leads to more customer engagement.

Increased Agility

Increased business agility leads to a competitive advantage for many industries. Due to BDA, companies become faster and more adaptable to meet the market needs. Analyzing huge data sets on customers helps companies gain valuable insights into their customers and helps analyze their pain points in a more efficient and effective manner. Additionally, companies having huge data sets help them improve their communications, products, and services as well as to reevaluate any risks. It also assists companies to improve their strategies, which can help them quickly adapt to the constant changes that are taking place within industries.

Increased Productivity

Big data tools increase productivity by helping data scientists analyze enormous amounts of data efficiently and allow them to have a quick overview of more information. BDA also helps data analysts and scientists get more information about themselves and gain better insights into the ways they can improve their performance to make them more productive.

Cost Savings

Big data analytics (BDA) has helped companies cut their expenses remarkably. A lot of BDA tools like cloud-based analytics save costs by storing big data and enhancing operational efficiency.


The three types of Big Data include Structured Data, Unstructured Data, and Semi-Structured Data.

Big Data analytics examples include stock exchanges, jet engines, social media sites, etc. It is a collection of data that is huge in size and grows exponentially with time.

Businesses make use of analytics to figure out the most ideal and valuable customers. It also helps companies launch new products and services.

Big data services can help you cut costs, increase efficiency, and help you gain a competitive edge which increases your return on investment.

Why Choose OptimusFox?

Big data companies like OptimusFox develop custom BDA solutions to deliver results to enterprises. Our team of qualified experts is fully capable of providing you with support throughout the software development lifecycle for the big data projects that you’re looking for. We understand your requirements and provide end-to-end processes so that you can achieve your long-term business goals. OptimusFox provides data quality management and data security practices that create secure big data solutions for our customers. Our customer-centric approach helps us to identify the needs of our customers. Based on this data, we implement state-of-the-art big data software solutions to let organizations take full advantage of the latest technologies.

We provide the administration for your big data systems. We actively monitor your system’s performance to identify problems and rectify them as quickly as possible. We set you up for a strong collaboration as we take full responsibility for the project. We create and support the infrastructure of big data solutions for you and get your data extracted by our competent data analysts. Business needs are evolving with time. Up-to-date data analytics frameworks allow businesses to achieve scalability at a faster rate. For implementing data strategies effectively to reap the benefits of big data technologies, contact us and request a quote.