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OptimusFox stands as a prominent company in react native app development, dedicated to crafting top-tier cross-platform applications with exceptional UI/UX.

Our team of skilled React Native developers utilizes their expertise to create and deliver innovative, robust solutions tailored for businesses seeking excellence.

Why to Choose React Native for App Development?

Saves Time and Money

Since more than 90% of the code is cross-platform, developers can save time as they’ll only need to build a single application. The code is compatible with both iOS and Android and therefore developers can work on building one app only. With the help of React Native, companies can have both apps at once, which would cost half of building one version. These applications are also constantly maintained and updated, which helps to further reduce costs once the applications are fully launched.

Strong Community

React Native is an open-source framework and has a strong community of developers from all across the globe. Our dedicated React Native developers can not only make their contributions to these communities, but the beginners who want to get started with React Native can avail themselves of the help of experienced React Native developers. They also take help from forum discussions, tutorials, and other resources to help them sharpen their skills.

Enhanced Flexibility

React Native has an interface that makes it easy for developers to jump in and complete the rest of the application from where someone left it off. This increases flexibility within teams and can ensure timely updates as well as upgrades of the mobile apps. All of these factors also help save time and money for companies

Excellent Performance

React Native applications have the same performance as native iOS and Android applications. They are fast as well since React Native is optimized for mobile devices. React Native leverages the graphic processing unit (GPU) which makes it faster in performance as compared to cross-platform hybrid applications.

Hot Reloading

React Native has a hot reloading feature which means that developers can immediately view any changes they’ve made to the code in live preview simultaneously. This is an added advantage for developers as they get to receive real-time feedback during the development process.

Third-Party Plugins

Building applications from scratch can be very expensive, and React Native counters this issue by offering multiple third-party plugins. They help reduce the need for specific web-view functions and improve the application’s performance and functionalities.

Code Can Be Reused

One of the biggest advantages of React Native is that 90% of its code can be reused between iOS and Android. Developers will not have to create separate codes for the different platforms. This leads to faster work as well as increased efficiency in the development process.

Cross-platform apps that work seamlessly on iOS and Android

react native app development services

We offer the following React Native Development services to our clients.

React Native App Development

Our experts help you develop flexible, flawless, and user-friendly applications for your business in next to no time. We also offer full-stack development services using our extensive knowledge and expertise in the react native framework.

Code Audit Services

We offer coding audit services to our clients to assist them in enhancing their application performance. Our experts analyze websites to find weaknesses and fix them accordingly. This results in faster applications that are reliable and stable.

Support & Maintenance

OptimusFox provides support and maintenance even after application launch if required by the client. We make sure that your application keeps running smoothly without bugs, post-launch too.

Custom React Native UI/UX Development

Our UI/UX designers at OptimusFox help you in developing user-friendly, engaging, and secure applications. We utilize react native libraries to design customized UIs for our clients.

Migration to React Native

We offer you flawless migration services from other platforms to react-native to accomplish your business needs. React provides powerful models that add flexibility and stability to applications

Custom Native App Development

We keep your needs and requirements at the forefront and then develop applications that are specifically tailored to your company’s requirements.

Our Development Process

Step 1
Prerequisite Gathering
Step 2
UI/UX Design
Step 3
Step 4
App Development
Step 5
Quality Assurance
Step 6
Step 7
Launch & ongoing support


This depends on your specific requirements and what you need from them. A highly skilled developer will cost more than a developer who’s at an intermediate or beginner level.

React Native is easy to learn. It has a strong community of developers with a huge number of helpful resources to make your learning as smooth sailing as possible.

It has great performance, saves time and money, helps developers become more flexible and you can view changes in real-time to offer the best experience to users.

Why Choose OptimusFox?

OptimusFox is a React Native App Development company that focuses on custom native app development and the most effective react native development services. We have the most competent team of developers who take your exact needs and specifications to deliver the most impactful apps that make a mark.