OptimusFox + DefiSpot

DefiSpot is a blockchain based DeFi application with a better liquidity pool and swapping solutions of different networks using Thorchain protocol.

DefiSpot allows users to trade by swapping without wrapping tokens of different standards, to add liquidity to earn APY (Annual Percentage Yield), and to withdraw their liquidity.

OptimusFox + NFT Art Marketplace

Cardano-based NFT marketplace that allows the artist to mint and sells their NFTs. The main idea behind this web-based application is to make a central hub where the artists who are whitelisted by the admin can mint and sell their NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The interested users can bid against an NFT that is open for bidding. On the other hand, the users can also buy NFT art that is

OptimusFox + Dinisium

Dinisium is a new financial system for ITO management. It offers Security Token Offering (STO) or Initial Token Offering (ITO) to its investors and every token on this blockchain would be backed by an asset.

A secure platform to start and trade an Asset-Backed ITO where the investors can also participate in Subscriptions.

OptimusFox + DataRovers

DataRovers is built to resolve the issue of hospital losses from insurance companies or payers. This system allows the hospital to make decisions about insurance-related patients’ claims and generate insights into the current and future revenue generated from insurance companies.

OptimusFox + Birb

Birb was created for people of all ages to use as a cryptocurrency by simplifying a complex process that makes the intricate blockchain user-friendly to everyone, even “newbies.”

We believe using cryptocurrency should be easy and straightforward. Each application we build uses a universal, user-friendly design for anyone to easily access.

OptimusFox + Bitnautic

The website aims to transform the shipping industry through decentralization and connecting ship owners, carriers and shippers together.  ​

We welcomed this project because of the vision behind it. It was a very interesting phase to explore the challenges the shipping industry was facing and appropriate solutions. After analyzing business needs, we decided to develop a website integrated with a blockchain module to improve the traceability, security, and transparency of the network. Another reason to integrate blockchain was the introduction of BTNT coins and tokens. 

OptimusFox + Annex

Annex Finance provides its users an earning platform for lending, borrowing, farming, and swapping in DeFi space. There is a need to connect the wallet to start trading on Annex.

OptimusFox + Taswit

OptimusFox envisions a digital world where state of the art technological solutions are implemented. We are committed to enabling enterprises as well as small businesses to inculcate technological solutions in the business. From web applications to mobile applications, we enable our customers to achieve their business goals with innovative technological solutions.