OptimusFox + Our Invo

Our Invo provides an enhancing gaming experience for players and also helps in providing different revenue streams for game developers. The main aim of Our Invo is to work on how value is transferred across different games. The platform acts as a bridge between players and different games – the technology used allows players to carry their assets from one gaming universe to another.

Furthermore, the groundbreaking solutions used by Our Invo also open various opportunities for game developers to increase their revenue and player revenue. Our Invo plans on creating a platform for both players and developers so they can thrive and continue their passion for gaming.

OptimusFox + Owner’s Club

Owner’s Club leverages their own “Winner’s Circle,” a patented live virtual racing system with AI-powered horses and realistic racing conditions, to reinvent the interactive skill gaming experience. Owner’s Club simulates the thrill of live racing events by combining elements of skill gaming, block chain technology, and horse racing within the metaverse of Invincible GG. Users can digitally own 3D-rendered horses and compete in exciting races on historic tracks.

Owner’s Club is launching a revolutionary platform that will transform the gaming industry by making the game available to the general public. With Owner’s Club, users may enter the gaming future and enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience through virtual sports, AI-powered NFTs, and their own abilities.

OptimusFox + Liquidity Digital

Liquidity Digital is a Fintech company that is currently working towards creating an innovative platform that will help increase the capital formation by acting as a bridge between institutional grade security issuances with global investors. The main focus for Liquidity Digital are the private capital markets.
Liquidity Digital has deduced that a lot of global capital is locked up behind illiquid assets. Hence, institutions and individuals both are unable to take advantage of these assets. Thus, Liquidity Digital plans on establishing an end-to-end platform that helps with issuance and complete life cycle management of programmable digital securities and their underlying smart contracts.

OptimusFox + Rewards4U

Rewards4U plans to leverage blockchain technology to transform the loyalty rewards market and build a smooth, open, and user-focused rewards ecosystem.
Rewards4U sees a time when the constraints of conventional programs will no longer apply to loyalty awards. The platform wants to build an interoperable rewards platform that lets consumers take advantage of all the benefits they have, no matter which loyalty program they came from, by utilizing the power of block chain. Their goal is to lead the way in innovation by providing a fresh set of loyalty solutions that are beneficial to both companies and consumers.

OptimusFox + DataRovers

DataRovers is built to resolve the issue of hospital losses from insurance companies or payers. This system allows the hospital to make decisions about insurance-related patients’ claims and generate insights into the current and future revenue generated from insurance companies.

OptimusFox + Wurqi for School

The educational industry has experienced many radical changes in the last two decades. The industry is more competitive than ever before. Thus, to keep the competitive advantage the educational sector must adopt the technological and other changes happening worldwide. To overcome the situation and to meet the requirements of the latest technology WFS presents a School Management System, the best software solution for the education industry. 

OptimusFox + Cashii

Cashii is a cryptocurrency wallet with a decentralized chatting strategy which provides users with a seamless transactional experience. Cashii uses multichain technology and is regulated by Fintrac.
Cashii provides users to protect their wealth and have complete freedom over their crypto currency with a Self-Custodial wallet. Furthermore, it allows users to socialize with other wallet owners through secure end-to-end encrypted messages. Furthermore, the app is user friendly and hassle free to use providing users with a seamless experience.

OptimusFox + Fox Music NFT Marketplace

Music NFT is a trending way that offers its creator ownership using block chain technology. Fox Music NFT Marketplace allows musicians totheir NFTs to represent their musical work. By doing so, they’ll be verified owners of their NFTs.
It helps musicians in getting royalties. Moreover, there is a community of listeners present at Fox Music NFT Marketplace allowing musicians to showcase their music in a unique way to a wide audience.

OptimusFox + Dinisium

Dinisium is an investment platform designed to give Retail Investors access to new asset classes and diversify their portfolio like the top 1%. It will allow users to invest in line with their risk profiles and ethical values on a fast, reliable and secure blockchain based execution platform.

OptimusFox + Blo Commerce

Blo Commerce is a platform that provides all under one roof for its users. Using Blo Commerce, users can aggregate their wallets and NFT collections on a safe platform. Furthermore, it allows users to create new NFT assets and manage them in a systematic and ethical way. Blo Commerce also allows users to track all their NFT activities – this allows users to increase their profits greatly. Moreover, it simplifies tax reporting for users, making it a hassle free process.

OptimusFox + VigourMe

VignourMe is an online intimate health consultation app. The app helps connect users with experienced and qualified healthcare professionals that can help users understand, diagnose, and treat any intimate dysfunction or related issues. The app can be accessed from any mobile device or computer. Moreover, all the data received by the app is strictly confidential!

OptimusFox + QuPort

QuPort is known for its focus on AI, data analytics, and pioneering technologies like Web 3.0 and Blockchain. QuPort helps startups to enter the global market, by offering them with unparalleled mentoring and coaching, helping them in creating strategic business consultancy, and navigating through different technologies and using them for their own startups.

OptimusFox + Orange Swap

Orange Swap is a decentralized exchange that enables the trading of digital assets. FOX is the cryptocurrency the Orange Swap platform uses. Anyone can earn FOX by agreeing to not sell or trade their crypto holdings. The Orange Swap platform is governed by FOX holders in proportion to how much FOX they own.

OptimusFox + Prize Bonds

Prize Bonds aims to facilitate the broad use of Bonds in the Crypto Market by allowing Prize Bonds holders to diversify their portfolio and create a fun way to Invest, Save and Win through a raffle system. Prize Bonds go one step further by implementing these bonds into the Crypto Industry with the advantages of blockchain technology. Unlike other crypto initiatives, there is no need to purchase any tickets to participate in the draws. Only by owning or buying Prize Bonds will you have the chance to win monthly prizes paid in cryptocurrency.