Blockchain is one of the biggest innovations having a ripple effect on multiple industries ranging from education to finance, health care to real estate. Blockchain Trends not have transformed the transaction nature but offering real ownership with higher transparency and traceability.  

Let’s have a look at the top emerging blockchain trends from interoperability to stable coins.  

Federated Blockchains 

Blockchain development companies are top trend in the blockchain industry. It is an ungraded form of blockchain model that is suitable for specific businesses. These blockchains operate under multiple authorities instead of a single secure and trusted node.   

According to blockchain experts, federated blockchains are gaining more popularity because of the customized look and privacy they offer. In short words, they are an advanced version of private blockchains, but there multiple authorities have control over nodes. Moreover, a selected group from multiple nodes can validate blocks to proceed with transactions. 

Stable Coins 

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum run on top blockchain platforms, and their prices depend upon volatility either than the traditional market. The stable coins will achieve higher values that will make them the second emerging technology trend in the blockchain industry. 

As the name suggests, the stable coins are steady and do not fluctuate often that makes owners relax about currency crashes. As a result, the number of investors increases that will make these coins popular among people.   

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Blockchain Transforming the Social Networking 

Social networking is an integral part of our lives, as stats show an increase of 3 billion social media users in the last few years.  But social media platforms are still unsafe because of privacy violations, data control, scandals, and content relevance. The introduction of blockchain will ultimately offer security, privacy, transparency, and better data control than ever before. 

The implementation of blockchain solutions in social media will remove the data duplication even after its removal from platforms. Moreover, the users can maintain ownership and upload data with minimal security risks. In addition to this, blockchain trends will ensure that the content creator is the real owner, not the platforms. 

Non Fungible Tokens 

NFTs are on the rise and gaining popularity across exchanges, blockchain  platforms, and the gaming industry. NFTs promotes digital scarcity as it stores a single copy of digital assets that are not replaceable.  Crypto Kitties were the source of NFTs popularity, and since then, digital art projects and startups have emerged digitally. In the gaming industry, each character has an NFT that can be won, sell or buy. Moreover, digital rights management is another field where non-fungible tokens have showcased their profitability. 

Blockchain Interoperability 

The interoperability of blockchain trends makes it a perfect solution for users to make transactions from one network to another. In other words, it offers users a utility to share their information between multiple blockchain networks or systems. In short words, interoperability enables users to visualize and access data from different blockchain trends. For instance, users can make transactions between EOS and any other Ethereum Blockchain. Therefore, it is becoming a popular blockchain trend offering diverse functionalities. 


Exploring these latest blockchain trends, it’s clear that 2021 is a significant time for emerging technologies. Blockchain technologies will grow more to offer high-level security, transparency, traceability, and lowering transaction costs. Moreover, it will maintain confidentiality operating in a closed ecosystem.