7 Reasons To Hire Professional App Development Companies

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by OptimusFox

App Development Companies

  Competing in today’s world of technology, it is a viable option to go for professional app development companies rather than spending money on a freelancer or experimenting with it yourself. The companies are having years of professional experience and stay in touch with the latest technology trends. Of course, they can provide an end …

Top Trends of the Android App Development in 2020

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by OptimusFox

Android App Development

Since the birth of Android, which was more than a decade ago, Android mobile OS has developed firm roots in the tech world. Also, it appeared as a pioneer of many changes in mobile technology. Similarly, Android has an extremely impressive market share. It is around 85% and the projected number of shipments will reach …

Why is android app development required for your business?

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by OptimusFox

Android App Development

There are two mobile operating systems that are in the game nowadays, Android and iOS. There was a time when iOS had a larger library of applications over Android App Development. At that time, many developers chose to develop apps first for the Apple mobile operating system. This is due to its large customer base …

Android App Development - Right Tools and Components

The start of the new millennium brought technological advancements that changed the world. The two decades of the 21st century has shown the rapid development of mobile phones which has made the need of mobile applications almost necessary for any business. Android and iOS both lie in the category of mobile apps. This article primarily …