User Interface Design

The UI interface design is the process that designers use to build interfaces in software or computerized tools or devices, focusing on the looks or style of the design. The User interface design encompasses

Importance of User Interface Design in Blockchain Industry

The DApps run on the blockchain. Blockchain developers and researchers present different and new concepts that can be challenging for common users to understand. This can have a negative impact on customer retention and the product’s success.

That is why blockchain UI & UX design is an essential part of your app development process. Our blockchain design service is focused on solving these obstacles and creating designs that are easy to understand for users.

A good UI design has the power to boost your conversion rate as it can turn visitors into potential customers. In a user interface design company, the UI designers make sure that the UI design enables smooth interaction between the user and the application. This is the main factor that entices the user to engage with your application and keep coming back for more.

Interactive and Intuitive UI Design

Why You Should Invest in UI Design

Our User Interface Design Services

OptimusFox is a user interface design company that provides multiple services to assist customers in increasing their brand recognition by producing intuitive, user-centric, and fully responsive UI/UX designs for their company app or website to help them stand out in a crowded market.

UI Brand identity

We focus on logos, typography, color schemes, and animations that set you apart and help you build a distinct identity for your brand.

HCI design

Human-computer interaction design focuses on the interface between humans and computers. We incorporate its disciplines into our field of work while designing applications.

Website design

We utilize the best user interface design practices to deliver stunning websites that attract your target audience and keep them engaged on the webpage for longer.

Mobile App Design

Our designers create the entire visual style of the app from the color schemes, animations, illustrations, and buttons to be used.

SaaS (Software as a Service) Design

It has been found that the first impression of a SaaS product is based on the UI design. Design is as important a factor as the functionality of the product.

Our User Interface Design Workflow

To design the most comprehensive and feature-rich apps that are feasible, we have applied the most up-to-date quality standards, modern business strategies, and customized approaches. The following are the steps in our User Interface Design Services Workflow.

Step 1
Requirement analysis
Step 2
Crafting design
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Tools for UI designing

We work with the following platforms to offer you high-end blockchain solutions.

Wonder share Mockitt
InVision Studio
Adobe XD


UI design is more about the visual design of the application or web page. It involves branding, graphic design, animations, color layout, and typography. Whereas the user experience design is how users interact with your website or DApps and it involves interaction design, wireframes, prototypes, and usability testing

Balsamiq: If rapid wireframing is what you’re looking for, then Balsamiq is a strong suggestion for UI.

Sketch: It is a Photoshop-like tool, which is mostly preferred by the designer to design a User Interface (UI) for web and mobile apps.

InVision: It is a web-based prototyping tool mainly used for UI design.

It’s important for a better user experience and to increase the user base of an application.

It’s a crucial part of achieving the optimal UX for any app or website. It’s the best way to organize content in ascending flow for the user.

Why Choose OptimusFox for Your UI Design

OptimusFox is a leading User Interface design company in USA, offering the best and most cost-effective user interface design services to fulfill your company’s key objectives.  

We provide a comprehensive range of UX/UI design services at low pricing, from responsive site design to app or Dapps and brand image design. Also, we have a talented UI/UX artists’ team with extensive experience working with cutting-edge software such as Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, and others.  

Our team of UI strategists, data planners, graphic designers, and content creators look at the bigger picture by interacting with crowds to create an innovative implementation of the business objectives.