The world of crypto-assets is quite a place for keeping and owning digital assets but it has a totally new array where people have started owing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs Blockchain are digital arts that are based on blockchain technology. It is the most advanced form of highly profitable selling assets. Now that we know what NFTs are, there is a new array of NFTS’ impact on gaming 

Why NFTs Blockchain are growing in Gaming? 

CNCC has started writing articles and blogs which are showing the booming trend in the digital industry, especially of NFTs‘ growing trend in gaming. Recently, there is huge space creation for NFT’s because of the growing demand for games characters. We know that NFTs are sold at extremely higher prices. In 2019, Jack Dorsey auctioned his tweet as an NFT worth 2.9 million dollars. Another reason why NFTs are making their way through the digital world is their extreme relevance in arts and gaming characters. 

NFTs are more than Just a Fad; 

We remember the start of 2021, when GameStop was a hype and it was solely done by some youngster playing with reddit. Even though, dogecoin and GameStop was shoved off and taken as a joke-currency, it grew into something serious. Their significance was changed more to seriousness rather than being a FAD. NFTs Blockchain provided ownership to the digital art creation because initially the gaming character made through NFTs were exploited. NFTs streamlined this entire process gaming up from just being a fad.  

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Benefits of Gaming NFTs: 

There are several gaming NFTs like crypto-kitties and EOS Knights et cetera and it has several benefits: 

  1. Ownership:  This benefit is for people who are gaming enthusiast. Through NFTs players get ownership of the game characters instead of the game developers. In contrast, people who buy normal games that is the one-time transfer of ownership to the game developer.  
  2. Interoperability: This feature enables two in-house games to support each other’s assets, for example; if GTA is built on ETH blockchain network, two players can use the game assets simultaneously. 
  3. Provable Scarcity: Since NFTs Blockchain are build are blockchain and blockchain are a secure platform. They have immutable records as well to track each and every. This is a benefit because game collectors love authenticity and sole ownership and NFTs Blockchain provide them with this customization.  
  4. Immutability: When a normal game losses data, it losses the record of all the data that is used for in-game purchases as well. In contrast, the NFTs are independent platforms that based on blockchain and in case it loses data, new game can be made on the already existing blockchain platform.  


Demand from crypto-investors is one factor driving the price volatility of digital art attached to an NFT and its use in gaming industry. It is flock-sector industry with hype in gaming. If you want to read more about NFTs, visit our website OptimusFox.