Near’s Introduction

Demand for NFT marketplace on near increases as the state of the world’s climate change crisis deteriorates. In this aspect, numerous blockchain networks are essential to sustainable carbon emissions of the modern environment. On a blockchain network, the mining and trading of NFTs consumes a lot of energy and emits roughly 100 kg of CO2. This is equivalent to how much carbon dioxide is released during an hour-long excursion.  

To reduce these carbon emissions, near, a blockchain platform is developed, that is decentralized and carbon-neutral and is built using sharding and Nightstand methods. It is a blockchain system that supports smart contracts and was designed to ensure the creation of incredibly scalable dApps. It has a cloud infrastructure that is run by the community to install and execute dApps on the network. 

What Benefits Does Near Offer? 

The Near blockchain provides a progressive User Experience for its DeFi dApp customers. It also facilitates network data retrieval and expands dApps on DeFi platforms.  


The effective PoS network used by Near Protocol guarantees network durability and emission reduction. This enables users to run numerous dApps and effectively handle blockchain transactions. 


Comparatively speaking, Near Protocol charges users and developers 1000 times lower transaction fees than the majority of third-generation blockchains. Taking part in the expansion of the network takes 30% of the transaction costs. 


Based on a scoped DNS pattern, Near Protocol may produce a human-readable account address. Thanks to the human-readable address, Near transformed into a user-friendly blockchain that enables users without any prior technical ability to enter the network. 

Safe and Secure 

Near upholds its legitimacy and good security across the network thanks to a strong network of active validators. 


Through the EVM and cross-chain Rainbow bridge, many blockchains perform cross-chain transactions and swaps.   

Basic Components of Near? 

With a set of tools and implementations, near blockchain may be utilized independently and without a permit. The parts of the near development suite are as follows: 


Users of the near Protocol create their smart contracts using the scripting languages JavaScript, Rust, and AssemblyScript. Near offers SDK, common data formats, and testing tools for its smart contract languages. 


NEAR gives developers zero-time onboarding experience using the already-existing Gitpod technology. It has an online “Integrated Development Environment”. Developers can easily design, test, and deploy near smart contracts through IDE. 


Holders of near wallets can participate in the staking and governance procedures on the near platform.  Users and developers can utilize it to power the near network’s storage of digital assets.  


The near explorer aids in contract debugging and lets users better understand the near network’s functioning. It offers real-time network data in a clear, graphical, web-based style.  

Command-Line Tools 

Developers may build, test, and deploy apps from their local environments using command-line tools owned by near.  

What is the ideal method for developing an NFT marketplace on Near? 


  • A JavaScript runtime environment called Node.js was created using the Chrome V8 engine. 
  • The safe account and wallet manager for near users is the near wallet account. The user can connect to many decentralized applications on near by using a near wallet account. Additionally, it securely stores NFTs and near tokens. This part will create an NFT marketplace on near using a testnet wallet.  
  • A particular version of a collection of applications necessary to compile a Rust application is known as the Rust Toolchain.  
  • The near network may be contacted and interacted with using the near-CLI, a NodeJS CLI. 

What Near Development Services Are Offered by OptimusFox? 

DApps that are scalable

We build dApps that are intelligent, secure, and scalable using the near protocol by utilizing the protocol’s infinite scalability. To improve the functionality of your dApp, we also examine the technical aspects of your project. 

Markets for unconventional goods 

You may access the most carefully selected NFT exchange platform by using our blockchain specialists’ research and development of feature-rich NFT markets on near Protocol. By utilizing near blockchain’s built-in features, we customize your marketplace to best suit your company’s use case. 

Smart Contracts 

We provide smart contract creation services on the near protocol to assist you to manage the operations of your business. We address all aspects of contract development, from smart contract architecture to design, audits, and optimization. 

Maintenance and improvement 

To ensure that our customers’ dApps are optimized and functioning with low downtime, we also offer continuous support and maintenance to them. 


The near blockchain is one of the unique blockchains with a carbon-neutral protocol that generates very little carbon dioxide. Based on Nightshade and sharding consensus techniques, it is a highly scalable network. Its interoperability and use of human-readable account names rather than cryptographically-coded wallet addresses are distinctive aspects that lend to its legitimacy along with its capacity to scale. Users now have simpler access to wallets and dApps thanks to this. Thus, the near blockchain is among the most appropriate blockchains for the dApp development requirements of different companies and startups. 

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