Blockchain-based project marketing is not pretty much how traditional product and service-based projects work. It needs master strategies, consultations, and methodologies to maximize the promotion outcomes. 

What is Blockchain Marketing? 

Blockchain marketing is a high-level marketing service entirely different from traditional digital marketing. We promote blockchain projects in form of initial coin offering or most recent technology-based projects where blockchain organizations attempt to sell their technology to other companies and individuals to make profile and investment. 

The Right way to Blockchain Marketing

Project Understanding

Before moving toward the working phase, our blockchain marketing experts understand the project because it will be difficult to market a project without its complete understanding. It is the most common mistake that most companies make before diving into a project. We at OptimusFox take care of this to provide the best blockchain marketing service targeting the right audience.  

Introduce Team

After understanding project needs, we align and introduce the highly skillful resources having relevant prior experience. It helps investors to know that who will be responsible for different marketing tasks for their ongoing project.  

Share Project Timeline 

We develop project Compensatory Time Off  (CTO) related to timeline and share them with the clients. In addition to this, we advise them to make changes in the project timeline if they want. Finally, we share an unchangeable road map with the people who may have an interest in the project.  

Regular White Paper Updates 

We have an in-house research team that makes regular updates in the white paper and publish its different versions to spread project awareness. According to us, if a project does not release an updated white paper, people will lose their trust in the project, and they will consider nobody is currently working on it.  

Our Tailored Blockchain Marketing Services 

1. Business and Marketing Strategy  

Any market, any niche, we discover creative routes to enhance your brand awareness and its adaptation among the audience. It does not matter if you need business to business or business to customer solutions; we offer customized strategies to explore partnership opportunities. 

We take blockchain marketing a step ahead because so that you can build a business network and develop a real understanding of the targeted market. 

2. Organic Marketing 

Google, with the 3 billion searches a day, is the biggest opportunity for you to reach your potential customer or investors. A person who is searching for a product or service you have will likely convert to other forms of marketing strategy.  

We help you to grow by understanding the market, your targeted audience, and what they are looking for. Our experts research, explore, educate, manage and implement the most effective blockchain effective solutions. 

3. Referral Program 

We use this marketing technique to engage new users and generate more leads. During a referral program, we encourage existing network members to recommend your brand to their family, friends, and colleagues. People trust their close ones and enforce them to be your customer. 

4. Affiliate Program 

We understand community building helps a blockchain platform to grow exponentially. Therefore, we offer affiliate programs to blockchain organizations where we give rewards in the form of coins or tokens to different websites or individuals on attracting new customers or investors to your project.  

5. Community Management 

Our experts help blockchain companies to build and manage a strong community around them to speed up their growth. We usually use Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit to help you in finding potential customers or investors for your business.    

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