Why is android app development required for your business?

Why is android app development required for your business?

Posted On  September 28, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

Android App Development

There are two mobile operating systems that are in the game nowadays, Android and iOS. There was a time when iOS had a larger library of applications over Android App Development. At that time, many developers chose to develop apps first for the Apple mobile operating system. This is due to its large customer base and its profitable nature.

However, things changed with the passage of time. Android mobile app development simply dominates when it comes to total market share in the mobile apps domain. And due to Apple’s restrictions on publishing the apps, it might be a good idea to go with an Android-first app development strategy.

If you want a mobile application but do not know which platform suits you, this blog post can help you. As a result, you can decide which platform is perfect for your business. It throws light on various objective reasons. And tells you why building an app first for the Android OS can be helpful in launching a successful app.

Android App Development provides ease in publishing on the Play Store

Not only does Android lead in market share by a great margin, but Google normally has fewer restrictions on its Play Store. Due to this fact, Android app developers generally find it easier to publish apps to the Play Store than to the Apple App Store. Due to this ease in publishing the app, they’re able to gather important information such as user response and usage patterns. Also, it helps you determine any weaknesses fairly early on in the release.

This information helps to improve the application. Both the Android and iOS operating systems are extremely competitive. For quite some time, Android OS has been catching up in terms of features and functionality. Therefore, an Android app can be beneficial as there are more operating system features to take benefit from.

To find out clearly why you should be developing apps for Android first, make sure to go through the statistics discussed below. This data contains a lot of eye-opening statistics. Also, there is some information that you might not know before. Try to make the best decision for your app with the help of these stats.

Why Opting Android App Development Makes Sense? Statistical Analysis

  •   The number of Android users is still higher than the iOS users and this trend is expected to stay for long
  •   There are 33% iOS users and 51.4% Android users which clearly shows that Android users are significantly greater than iOS users
  •   The year 2017 showed strict policies by Apple with respect to publishing the apps on App Store, on the contrary Google provided ease in publishing apps
  •   As of 2018, the number of apps on Google Play are 3.6 Million which is greater than the number of iOS apps
  •   Publishing an app on Google takes 2 hours while doing the same on Apple Play Store takes 4-5 hours and still, the final approval lies with the Apple

Final Thoughts

Summarizing the discussion, we can say that beginning with Android App Development can be tricky. You must go for the most suitable Operating System as per business needs that can provide you with the best results. In this blog post, we found that developing an Android app for the first time is easier than iOS app development. We viewed it from several aspects like the market, the budget required, technical expertise, and the number of people using it. In all the aspects Android was found to be better for developing an app for the first time.