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Web Development – A Helpful Guide for Beginners

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by OptimusFox

Web Development - A Helpful Guide for Beginners

Website has become an important feature for any business. The use of internet around the world has increased to such a level that the existence of online presence is essential now. Companies use web development services for getting their businesses online. It is a really helpful tool to maximize your business by having a presence on the internet.

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The discussion in this article focuses on the broader view of web development and its impacts on business growth. It is the process of creating a website with the help of coding for enabling the functionalities needed by the owner. Website development consists of three parts: client side coding, server side coding and databases. The formation of a simple text page to complex application development, it comes under this category.

Fundamental Components of Web Development

The fundamental components of web development are as follows:

1. Front End Development

Front end or client side development refers to the web application development side related to the user. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are collectively used for this development. HTML is a programming language used to write the code for the front end. CSS or cascading style sheet used for styling purposes. It describes the HTML language. It caters the alignments and other styles associated with it.

2. Back End Development

There are several programming languages for back end development, for example .Net and PHP programming language. The back end language handles the server side development. All the functionalities working on any website is created and handled by back end development. The code connects the databases to the web. It manages user connections and empowers web applications.

3. Databases

Large amounts of data are stored in the databases. Database management systems like MySQL are used to transfer data across various applications. Databases handle the manipulation of data.

4. Responsive Design

It is a good practice to make sure that the website works properly according to the set functionalities in all devices. The web design should be usable on all types of devices including tablets and mobile phones. Nowadays, the use of mobile phones has increased, therefore, any website development company must make sure that website works properly on the mobile phone devices.

5. Deployment of Website

Domain registration is an important part of web development because it takes your website on a web server. Hosting is also a part of putting your website on the internet. Managed hosting and static hosting are used for deployment of websites. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used for movement of files between client and server.

6. Side Technologies

There are other technologies that are also used in website development. Git and Github are used for version control. The versions help to make changes in the code with tracking. APIs are used to retrieve data from external sources. It acts like a messenger between the server and the user.

7. Popular Frameworks

The most popular framework for HTML/CSS is Bootstrap. It is not preferable for custom web application development. For front end development with JavaScript, Angular, View and React are the preferable frameworks. For back end development, Node JS provides a lot of features for those who are familiar with JavaScript. Python is a back end framework for artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

2020 Trends of Technology

For artificial intelligence, the chatbots and machine learning purposes, Python is used. Interactive designs and motion user interfaces are preferably used in web development. Responsive web design is the major aspect considered now due to the increased use of mobile devices.

The latest trends show that you need to make sure that technology is progressing every day. The trends change quickly so you should stay in touch with the technologies. Optimus Fox also focuses on the latest trends related to web development technology, because it is essential to check the latest trends in technology. Staying up to date with technology will help you learn more about new trends.