UI UX Design Principles to Agree With and Follow

UI UX Design Principles to Agree With and Follow

Posted On  October 19, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

UI UX Design

We are currently living in a world that consists of products and services of all types. Talking digitally, we have come across web and mobile applications that have become a part of our daily life and most of these came into being in the past decade. For winning the hearts of the consumers, you must give due importance to the UI UX Design and its related aspects.

The primary factor that determines the success of the software product or service is its repetitive use. If it has an exceptional user experience design, the users are going to use it frequently. In this article, the readers will come to know about the essential user experience principles that should be taken care of for beginners who are creating their products.

Predicting User Behavior

According to the design principles, you must have a clear understanding of the behavior of the user. In addition, it requires in-depth analysis which enables you to predict their behavior. The clear understanding of the user’s workflow will definitely help in germinating the idea germination. Also, it helps in the execution of a seamless UX design that the user will not even know about.

The functionality should flow in a logical manner without any breaks such that each step of the user experience satisfies the user with what they actually want. While considering the user experience design, we must be careful about the site navigation in such a way that the user is able to get what they desire in the most efficient manner possible.

Simplifying Functionality

If you think about any e-commerce website that you like and use, how many actions you take to actually order the desired product. There is a chance that you can get the product after three to four simple clicks. Similarly, this can act as a major difference between good UI design and a bad one. Always be careful about the site functionalities and consider it as a process. Moreover, it should be made to help users achieve their objectives in less than 3 clicks.

Clarify Call to Action

Using terminology that does not clearly define what task it fulfills will confuse the users, it results in a greater bounce rate of your website. You should narrow down the options for the users to make a decision on the website to avoid the users from guessing. Furthermore, messages to the users increase readability and provide a great user experience.

Cater to the differences in the skill-set of the users

While discussing the product design, you must ensure that you are assisting the users with different skill-levels that are using your website. For the first time users, your website should include the relevant information. In addition, UI UX Design should take care of all types of user with varying skill sets. For experienced users, shortcuts can be used in the design of the website.

Managing errors effectively

System errors can come in the road to the digital experience. However, the function of good UX design is to manage errors efficiently without letting current users go away. If the errors are not handled properly, users can abandon your website after getting frustrated. On the other hand, a relevant error message can lead to better user experience.


These were some important considerations related to the UI UX Design features in your website or business application. These design principles can help businesses to focus on the design for engaging user experience. OptimusFox takes care of user experience design while building websites and applications for you. You can contact us and get a quote for our affordable services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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