Top Trends of the Android App Development in 2020

Top Trends of the Android App Development in 2020

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by OptimusFox

Android App Development

Since the birth of Android, which was more than a decade ago, Android mobile OS has developed firm roots in the tech world. Also, it appeared as a pioneer of many changes in mobile technology. Similarly, Android has an extremely impressive market share. It is around 85% and the projected number of shipments will reach 1.41 billion in the year 2022. The year 2020 will show significant adoption of Android app development as more and more businesses will opt for that.

An experienced Android app development company will prove to be the best partner to guide your business. It can do it keeping in mind the changing trends and emerge successfully. Also, it is essential to follow the trends of tomorrow to stay relevant in the ever-changing mobile app development market. Therefore, to understand what Android development will bring for us in the future. Let us see the trends that are going to rule it.

Building Smarter Apps with Machine Learning

The usage of Artificial Intelligence made the tasks possible that were not possible a few years ago. Statistics show that modern Artificial Intelligence increases the efficiency of an organization by up to 40%. With AI, top android development companies can create smarter apps that can perform advanced processes. For example, image labeling, landmark recognition, barcode scanning, etc. Moreover, the combination of machine learning and AI will ease the work process of the users on Android apps, enhancing the user experience.


Kotlin works on Java Virtual Machine and it is a statically typed programming language. The latest version of Kotlin can convert Java to Kotlin so that all the famous apps can smoothly migrate from Java to Kotlin. It becomes easy for android app developers to start again with Kotlin after converting the Java Code.

The apps developed through Kotlin are highly performing like any other java application. The compile-time will get faster with improved quality and increased performance. Kotlin will utilize all the existing tools in the Android Studio and perform the process of refactoring, debugging, auto-complete, and so on. The quality mentioned about Kotlin makes it the best choice for Android app development, and the android app developers highly prefer it.

Rise of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is ruling the world of technology, as it is the most discussed technology of our times. A survey done by PwC shows that 84% of the organizations of the world are working with Blockchain technology effectively. The projections show that the Blockchain mobile apps will reach a market value of $20 billion by the year 2024.

Today, business models are designed and built by considering blockchain technology. Thus top mobile app development companies will design a strategy that revolves around Blockchain so that you can build your Android app in a better manner than your competitors. This process will help in generating large revenues as many industries prefer Blockchain.

Multiplatform is being used widely

With the increased use of Flutter, the developers can build beautiful, durable, reliable, and authentic hybrid mobile apps with a single code base in both platforms, Android and iOS. All you need is a skilled Flutter App Development Company to effectively provide a mobile app solution based on your business needs.

The process of delivering mobile apps is a B2C process in the current market scenario, but since there is a high demand, the app developers are currently looking forward to delivering multi-platform apps as well. Top app development companies use React Native to build apps, which increases the ability to reuse 70% of the codes. As a result, the need to hire react to native app developers for developing Android apps has been considerably sought by businesses. This will help them save money, time, and develop more effective android apps.

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is nothing but a collection of tools or components that help app developers to build android apps that can perform precisely. The Android developers can use the jetpack components anytime to utilize libraries that are not part of the Android Platform. Android jetpack will allow the developers to add functionality to the app and release it on the play store and then provide the users all the features in a single day. The Android Jetpack offers backward compatibility, the mobile app built through it can run on different versions of the platform. During the android app development process, you can check the live data, and if any changes occur, the changes get notified in the view.

Improving the development process with IoT

It is true to say that mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily life. According to an estimate, the number of connected devices by the year 2025 will be 75.44 billion. It is 10 times more than the figure since 2015. There is a significant increase in the number of automation companies. Moreover, IoT devices are helpful in both household and commercial purposes.

With IoT, the businesses can automate processes and manage their devices remotely by systematic management of data. As far as the use of IoT devices in household work is concerned, with the merger of AI and voice assistant devices, the electronically connected devices can be managed effectively. With the exponential rise in the number of Android apps and the number of Android-based devices, it becomes mandatory for the companies to capitalize on it.

Cloud-Based Android mobile apps

Cloud-based Android apps will play a meaningful role in keeping a substantial amount of data safely without occupying the phone’s memory. The apps can directly access all the data saved from the cloud anywhere. They do it by keeping the same processing rate. The cloud-based Android apps are flexible, and the cloud is a secure place to store data.


The businesses need to understand their target market as they begin to capitalize on the Android app development trends. Capitalizing on the mobile app development trends will take the organizations a step ahead of their competitors. The year 2020 will define a remarkable change in the app development process on the whole. Also, it will integrate the latest technologies.

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