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Tips to Grab More Customer Attention to Your Online Store

Posted On  June 29, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

Tips to Grab More Customer Attention to Your Online Store

The primary objective of any business, either retail or wholesale, is to attract customers and retain them. A smooth flow of new customers will help you to grow your business. Digital marketing techniques can help you bring more customers to your business. Here are some tips to help you grab more customer attention to improve your online store traffic.

Beautiful Store Layout

Having a beautiful store layout is essential to keep customers on your store for longer. Its design is crucial, because if it is not attractive, the customers will simply go away. You need to take care of the purchase decision of the user which is made by spending 3 seconds on your website. The first impression really counts, if the users do not have a good experience of using your online store, they won’t buy anything.

Online Presence on Social Media Channels

According to Retail News, many consumers do not even consider a brand for shopping that doesn’t have a strong online presence. A website is just the beginning of the journey. Today, when social media is all over the internet, businesses have the opportunity to target thousands of customers easily. By doing effective social media marketing, you can enable yourself to reach a wider range of targeted customers.

It is mandatory to maintain your online presence by regularly posting on your social media accounts and updating the content of your website. Catchy content that is according to the reader’s interest, imagery and exclusive deals for customers will lead you towards building loyal customers.

Customer Care

Another thing that will help you bring many users is outstanding customer care. Always remember that there is nothing more important than satisfied customers. Make the experience of buying in your online store awesome in a positive way. A Forrester research states that 45% of consumers in the United States cancel an online transaction if their queries or concerns are not addressed quickly.

This brings us to a result that if you want to attract clients, you need to reply to all their comments and queries as soon as possible. Because timely responses are the key to a successful online store in this matter.

You should never ignore the impact of customer care. A research revealed that 70% of buying experiences are based on the feelings of the customer on how they are being treated by the businesses. Customer support is an important phenomenon which cannot be ignored because people are more eager to share negative impressions as compared to positive impressions. You should be nice and helpful to the customers so they feel that someone is there to answer their questions.

Having a Sale and Other Promos

Sales, promos and discounts always tend to appeal to any customer. You can start by contacting your customer database through an email newsletter informing them of upcoming offers and other events your customers find interesting. As for your online store, make it clear that there is a sale going on by posting about it on social media platforms.

Remember that you should also use a strong call to action for effective results such as “Purchase Now” or “Call Now for Discounts”. This will help you to engage customers and make potential sales.

Email Marketing

It is a cost-effective solution to attract customers on your online store. According to a survey, 71% of respondents stated that they always remember emails while shopping that a company sends to them. These results show the importance of email marketing.

Some of the most common ideas are:

  • Send emails about new products that are going to be launched
  • Send emails about promos, offers and sales
  • Sending mails after purchase to give customers the idea of similar products
  • Send customers discount coupons for shopping


By following proper digital marketing techniques, you can reach out to more customers online. The tips discussed in the article will let you use the Internet for targeting more customers to reach your online store. E-commerce is a great way to sell your products online where you can involve customers by appealing designs and lucrative offers to boost your sales. Optimus Fox offers best digital marketing services in USA at affordable prices for you if you want to get more traffic on your store. Contact us now and get a quote.