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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Posted On  July 23, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

The digital revolution has created a great impact on digital marketing. It is a broad term covering social media marketing, email marketing, internet marketing, and search engine marketing. E-mails, social media, websites, and e-commerce, are tools that are used by marketers to target their relevant audience to promote services and products. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now used for digital marketing to find the right kind of promotional tool for offering the customers.

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Value

A combination of artificial intelligence and digital marketing is adopted by organizations across various sectors like healthcare, financial services, retail, automobiles, education, and entertainment. The data can be tracked to get the idea of consumer behavior and make strategies according to it. The countless advantages that AI and online marketing have brought to the world are set to evolve in the future.

AI tools are effectively used to predict a customer’s lifetime value to estimate the return on investment (ROI). Companies can also track and monitor the performance through digitization of the business processes, and evaluate the overall impact of the business.


We have come across a number of chatbots used in the e-commerce platforms for easing the customers. The chatbots build with AI development are able to respond quickly to the queries of the customers. They are developed in a customized way so that they have the capacity to engage the customers almost like humans. They can be used to pave the way for a user’s journey with the brand. Tracking orders, handling the delivery issues, payment issues, and many other aspects can be addressed with the help of data.

Voice Assistants

The artificial intelligence development services has let the businesses inculcate voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. The trend of these voice assistants has gained popularity due to the increased use of smartphones. Voice assistants are now used even as home assistants and in auto-driven cars too.


Do you want to know how digital marketing is helping healthcare industry? Digitization of healthcare procedures allows making appointments with the doctors easily, consulting them virtually, and checking your health records online. The number of patients suffering from a particular disease, the medication prescribed for an ailment, the corresponding age of the patients who have a greater chance of getting infected from a disease – such data sets are combined and synchronized through various business intelligence tools. In order to offer a better user experience to patients and enable them to get preventive care during the COVID-19 pandemic, artificial intelligence is helping the healthcare sector.

Travel and Tourism

Tourism industry has suffered the most at the hands of COVID-19 pandemic. As the spread of coronavirus needed to be stopped, the first step the globe took to decrease the spread was to stop travelling to different countries. In this situation, the consumption of digital marketing tools is on the rise, online applications are used by the tourism industry to get in touch with travel agents and avoid the physical ticketing. The data collected by these applications are used by the companies to send customized reminders and targeted offers to their relevant audience. Based on customers’ travel history, AI and online marketing tools are used to fetch the data to create campaigns, offers, promotional ads, and discounts, on both online and offline platforms.


There are a number of tools that aid digitization to come to maturity. Digital marketing and AI are further evolving with the passage of time as the world has realized its unlimited benefits. But digitization cannot be achieved directly at once, you need to implement various technologies effectively.

The organization should lay down its core objectives and desired outcomes, the way forward is AI-based solutions to customize digital marketing tools for their own benefits. To utilize the advantages of the latest technological solutions, get our artificial intelligence services at affordable prices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact Optimus Fox in order to get a free quote right now!