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The Entire Process of UI UX Design

Posted On  July 22, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

The Entire Process of UI UX Design

UI UX design refers to the entire strategy and process involved in developing an experience for the user. This term is confined to the web and mobile applications nowadays. UI and UX design services are closely associated with each other in terms of what the users are going to experience while using a web or mobile app. This article focuses on both domains and explains their roles in the tech industry. We will look into it one by one.

What is UX Design?

UX design is a sequential process that consists of a series of steps together which constitute experience of the user as a whole. It consists of many steps but we will bring our discussion to the following points:

1. Research

The foremost step for UX Design is research. The research will allow you to analyze the competitors. Also, it helps you to perform customer analysis. In a nutshell, the strategy required to understand the user experience and the content used to make it a worthy design is done by research. The first thing in research is understanding the need of a design. What is UX and why it is needed should be clear in mind. The understanding can be developed by conducting interviews and identifying the requirements of the user. It also provides you with customer analysis.

The next step in the research is to know how different people are going to use the product or service. This will help you determine the ways in which the product is going to be used. For a better understanding of the user experience design, research is the key factor.

Finally, the journey of the user comes into place. How the user starts and finishes the experience is thought during the research. The experience of navigating through the web or mobile application represents the journey of a user.

2. Brainstorming

The next step for a design journey is brainstorming. The user flows are made during this part. Diagrams that show the steps of the user during their experience. Wireframes are also made in this process which show a rough shape of the UI design that is going to be designed ultimately.

3. Implementation

The implementation of UI UX design consists of prototypes that are made by the designers. Once the prototypes are approved, the front and back end developers come into action. The prototype is finally made into a working product.

4. Reporting

It helps in analyzing the results of the product. Initially, the real users can be observed by different means. The testing of one design over another can also be observed. Additional insights can also be determined like time spent on pages. Reporting is a way to know whether the desired results are achieved or not.

What is UI Design?

User interface design is associated with the visual communication established between the user and the product. It is related to what a graphic designer does. The colors and typography used to aesthetically please the user comes under the umbrella of UI UX which consists of graphic design, web design, mobile app design, front end development etc.

The UI designer will do everything that shows that the product is making sense. It is convincing the users by its design. UI UX design is aimed to bring results required by the customers. It is only possible with the help of interactive designs. The UI designer does not necessarily be a marketer but it needs to think like one at times. Working closely with the developers, marketers and UX designers, the results can be achieved.

Final Thoughts

The UI vs UX debate brings us to a point where we need to realize the importance of both. UI and UX has become the most important thing when a new product is developed. It reflects the understanding of the customer’s mind coupled with the idea of the market. Optimus Fox offers the best UI UX design services in USA. During these days of COVID-19 crisis, we offer very affordable rates and enable our customers to have the best experience when it comes to web and mobile application designing.