The Best Social Media Marketing Platforms For Business

The Best Social Media Marketing Platforms For Business

Posted On  October 22, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

Social Media Marketing

Every brand needs to make its target audience happy by staying in touch with them. Similarly, the greatest way to connect with your audience is through social media. In addition, every platform provides a social media marketing facility to the users. Now, we will discuss the top five platforms used for advertising on social media.

  1. Facebook

Facebook allows you to create brand awareness with social media advertising opportunities for businesses. Moreover, it enables businesses to target the customers throughout the buyer’s journey from lead generation to sale. In addition, Facebook allows you to target users based on the criteria of demographics, income groups, various interests, professions, and so on. Therefore, brands can divide their audience according to the parameters they want.

Facebook is supporting the following formats for ads:


Similarly, brands can promote their businesses with video ads up to 240 minutes in length. Additionally, for an ad to be top-performing, the length should be as short as possible.


Brands can create customer engagement through photo ads.

  1. Instagram

Instagram offers ads that are almost similar to the ads provided by Facebook. Similarly, the audience can be targeted according to their location, interests, behaviors, geography, etc. Also, you can create custom audiences as part of your social media marketing strategy to find similar interests to find users who have the same interests.

Moreover, Instagram allows you to run ads in the news feed as well as the Explore tab. These five ad formats are available on Instagram:

Stories ads:

Images and videos can be used to run ads on Instagram stories.

Photo ads:

Like Facebook, Instagram photo ads help you to drive traffic to your website.

Video ads:

You can run video ads that are up to 60 seconds long on Instagram for SMM purposes.

Carousel ads:

These ads let brands feature multiple photos or videos in a single ad that users can view to pay attention to your brand.

Collection ads:

Collection ads show an image along with secondary images arranged in a grid form.

  1. Twitter

As simple as Twitter itself is, the social media advertising solution is pretty straightforward. It offers the following ad types:

  • Tweet engagement
  • Promoted video/GIF views
  • Brand awareness
  • Website clicks or conversions

Besides these types, brands can also promote a specific hashtag to create customer engagement and drive brand awareness. As a result, it is suitable for B2C companies that can use it as awareness before launching a new product.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that brings business-oriented opportunities for brands and individuals to promote themselves. However, the options related to the target audience on LinkedIn are different from Facebook and Twitter. Also, the options on LinkedIn are primarily associated with professional criteria like education and size of the organization.

The main types of ads for your SMM strategy on LinkedIn are:

Sponsored Ads:

These ads appear in the Newsfeed similar to Facebook ads.


For premium members, emails can be sent to people who are not connected with you. Five (05) to thirty (30) InMails per month can be sent by the premium users depending upon the package they are using.

Sponsored InMail:

Sponsored InMails take you to the inbox of active users of LinkedIn to get conversions from leads.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is yet another famous social media platform for the audience of millennials. In addition, it is favorable for casual and funny content. Therefore, it helps in social media marketing when you need to target a relatively young audience.

Types of ads offered by Snapchat are:

Snap ads:

Ads appearing in the stories can drive users to your business.

Collection ads:

Similar to the ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Story ads:

In the discovery tab, Story ads appear among other stories.

Wrap Up

Social media platforms allow brands to increase their profitability through strategic marketing campaigns. In addition, it improves the connection between the brand and the customers. Furthermore, OptimusFox is offering social media marketing services at affordable prices during the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate the customers. Moreover, you can contact us in order to get a quote from us.