Role of QA testing in the software industry

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by OptimusFox

Role of QA Testing in Software Industry

Role of QA Testing in the Software Industry The role of QA testing cannot be ignored while talking about the software development industry. It marks the end of the lifecycle of a product but has the greatest importance for improving the code. QA testing is a field in which the software is tested for bugs …

Basic Principles Required for Efficient QA Testing

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QA testing

QA testing refers to a continuous process of finding the bugs and reporting the development team to rectify it. It is an essential part of the software development life cycle. Automation testing is done to make sure that the quality of the business applications for mobile phones or websites are functioning properly. Manual and automation, …

4 Ways Quality Assurance Services can save Your Product

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4 Ways Quality Assurance Services can Save your Product

Whenever you are developing a software product, quality is the thing you need to maintain at its every phase. In this post, we will look at some ways quality assurance services can help you save your product. Prevent Errors through Requirements Validation: When it comes to software development, poor design or functional requirements can result …