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Quality Assurance

Maintaining the Quality of Your Software with QA Testing Services

Software quality assurance services help companies to make sure that their software application is fully functional, reliable, secure, and user-friendly. Optimus Fox is a web app development and QA testing services provider company which is ambitious to succeed worldwide, and is ever ready to take up a testing project and help you to grow your quality management strategy. In today’s competitive world, quality of the product is the first priority of any business.


Quality Assurance Services


Get All Types of Quality Assurance Testing Services

When it comes to quality assurance testing, we use a combination of both manual and automation testing and utilize trustworthy automation frameworks for speedy releases. It increases the ability to find bugs in the software application before it is launched in the market. It is a continuous process that is a part of web and mobile app development process, we consider it as important as other parts of the entire software development life cycle. We can perform QA testing on your software application to let you know about the bugs that are needed to be removed immediately.

Never Letting a Single Bug Stay in the Code

The quality assurance testing services providing team we have, is proficient in using the best testing practices and streamline the entire process of software development. Our experienced testers will analyze the project documentation and the infrastructure you have already developed at your end. When the information is collected, QA tester establishes a detailed plan of action for testing. Furthermore, the report will be generated containing detailed discussion of the testing procedure. Bugs hinder the swift operation of an application or a website. We believe that QA testing services should be required at every step of the development process to check the errors and removing them after every step.


Different QA Testing Services that We Provide


Functional Testing

With functional testing, the most important functions of the application are tested by the testing team. The core functionalities are meant to work properly. The software application’s functionalities are meant to work in the defined manner. We make sure that the entire software is executed as per customer requirements.

Performance Testing

Realistic loads are used to test the application, we can figure out the actual condition of the application. How it behaves when loads are used for testing how robust the app is. Our QA testers are able to check the software completely by identifying the bugs found anywhere in the application. We make sure that apps are highly performing and built according to the standard procedures.

Security Testing

At Optimus Fox, our quality assurance testing services providing team knows the art of dealing with security threats, every application we develop is secure for the systems. However, we perform testing to check whether it is secure for the users or not. We are aware of today’s customers concerns regarding security as the data is precious for the users. Considering this fact, we ensure that apps remain highly secure for the users and they easily operate it without fear of losing any data.

Usability Testing

Our automation testing team identifies the limitations that might cause problems in the future. Usability testing makes sure that users enjoy the best possible experience. Whether they will be able to add more features to the application in the future whenever they want or not. Our team of experienced quality assurance testers use this technique to evaluate the final product. It can help you discover new opportunities and learn more about the users.

Why Do You Need Our Quality Assurance Services?

Optimus Fox is determined to place itself among the top quality assurance testing companies and provide the best QA testing services to its clients. We follow these steps

  • Design a strategy for QA testing by our technical resources
  • Identify the problems in the testing process
  • Suggest improvements that can be made in the testing process
  • Create a detailed plan of action on how the testing will be implemented
  • Setting up the essential tools and taking complete responsibility of process management in the testing process
  • Maintain the quality of the product before delivery

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