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Robotic Process Automation and Its Applications

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Robotic Process Automation and Its Applications

Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to the technology that is programmed in such a way that it performs the tasks as the human beings do. This technology is designed to reduce the workload of humans to do repetitive tasks. RPA solutions are designed to assist the employees and act as an assistant at the workplace. A robot is placed at the office which is able to use another software. Companies are using it for their ease and deploying robotic software to ease their work.

The main purpose to develop the RPA technology and using it at your office is the idea to stop the wastage of time while doing tasks that are not creative. Its most common use is the use of robots to perform the tasks related to big data analytics and ERP solutions. There is a lot of work like data entry processes and using easily managed software. RPA helps in doing this sort of work.

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What is RPA?

It is a type of robotics that includes the robots that can be easily applied in the day to day operations of any company to improve overall performance. Tasks related to customer services, complaints of the customers, invoices management and several other operational tasks.

RPA technology provides many useful insights to the users. It gives a cost-effective solution which replaces the humans doing repetitive tasks. The robotic processes never tire of doing the same work again and again. Thus, there remains no chance of error in their work.

How Does Robotic Process Automation Work?

Let’s discuss it with an example, a human resource specialist is in charge of hiring new employees for a large organization. There are a lot of tasks that need to be completed by the HR person. The emails to employees, the contract letters, the leaves management system, payroll management, benefits to employees, clearance of security, attendance management and much more. Multiply these processes by thousands of employees working for the company. If there is a robotic process automation software in place, it will handle all these repetitive tasks. It is the best option for routine tasks.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation Technology

It provides the organizations to move towards a new horizon and change their major tasks to automation. It helps in digital transformation. Robots are easily implemented and require no software development. RPA can complete a process in a few minutes which may take hours. The costs can be cut by the organizations by smoothing the operations with this technology. Companies are integrating advanced cognitive capabilities like Machine Learning and natural language processing.

Robotic Process Automation Applications

The applications in the enterprises are as follows:

Customer Service

The RPA solutions can be implemented for customer service. It is the best possible implementation of this technology. If the customers are handled by a robotic software, there is no need for any person to entertain the customers. It reduces the workload of the people. The bot won’t get tired of dealing with the customers.

Supply Chain Management

The functions of the supply chain can also be handled by the bots. The RPA technology can be implemented in such a way that the repetitive tasks of supply chain management can be done easily. The tasks that have a repetitive nature become tedious and cumbersome for humans, it increases the chances of mistakes. On the contrary, RPA helps the businesses to automate such procedures reducing the chances of mistakes.


The procedures related to invoicing services can be automated through this technology. The large data entry procedures in the accounting systems can also be done with the help of robotic process automation. The manual effort in making ledgers can be reduced with automating the processes of accounting.

Human Resources

HR services can also be automated with the help of RPA technology. It is already discussed above where how it works. All HR procedures that can be automated via robotic software are also mentioned.


The healthcare services can take help from robotic process automation companies to automate their procedures. The billing of the patients, the queue of the patients waiting for their appointment, the handling of appointments of doctors, the record and history of the patients, all these processes can be easily handled without any error with the help of robotic software.

Financial Services

RPA can be used to automate reporting processes, compliance related matters, loan processing and other routine tasks that are repetitive and time consuming. The costs can be decreased by implementing this robotic technology in the financial services. Many international banks have used this technology to automate their financial processes.

Final Words

Robotic process automation has changed the concepts of managing tasks in the organizations. There are a lot of things that take a lot of time but they can be done in a much less time. The tasks that are going to be repeated every time can be managed with the help of this technology. The tasks become cumbersome and boring sometimes because there is not a new procedure involved in the tasks. Such procedures are addressed by RPA where manual work may result in the wastage of time. Both time and money can be saved by using this technology. Mostly, the companies have used it to cut their costs and get results rapidly.