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QA testing tips – Strategies for faster and better testing

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by OptimusFox

QA Testing Tips

After hearing the term “software testing” or “QA testing”, is the first thing that comes in your mind is functional testing or regression testing? Or you start thinking about the types and tools involved in QA testing? Testing comprises a broad category of steps taken to ensure the quality of the product or service.

The experienced people in the field of software development have the idea that testing is a broad field. It contains a series of tests and evaluations that are carried out to make sure whether a software application is working as it was supposed to. Automation testing can help in identifying the bugs and making the working of the application smooth for the users.

Running a few tests and getting the product ready for launch, it is not that simple. A process of software testing consists of writing proper test cases. It makes sure that you are having the right features, proper functionality, addressing the concerns of end user, finalizing what to automate and what to test manually.

Before getting deeper into automation testing, you can learn from the tips we are sharing in this article. It may help the reader to learn from other’s experiences. So here they are:

Inculcating the culture of testing

The testing culture should be cultivated among individuals of the agile software development team. Quality assurance should not be considered as the final step of the software development phase but it is an ongoing process that is taking place after every iteration before the development components are implemented. QA automation should be used as a regular and ongoing part of the software development process.

Clarity should be there in bug reporting

When the testing team is reporting bugs again and again, it can disrupt the development cycle. There should be a complete bug report that can save time avoiding any chances of miscommunication. A bad bug report can lead to problems as well because it can create a chance of missing any error in the application. For utilizing the benefits of QA testing, you need to have clarity in bug reporting.

Testing is a team effort

You should create everyone in the loop while discussing the bugs. It saves a large amount of everybody’s time. The goal of the team should be making a clear understanding of the application. Discussing the problems with the testing heads can deliver the message to all the team members.

Tools make the testing easy

In order to make sure that you are applying all types of QA testing, you should use testing tools for making your work easy. Tests should be easy to write as well as easy to run by the development team. All the software developers who are a part of the team should be able to run all types of tests for gaining excellent testing results.

Testing is all about reducing risk

The purpose of QA testing is to mitigate the risk and make the software application in a great working condition. You can reduce the risk of bugs by openly communicating within the teams and outside as well. If the lines of communication are open, you can discuss all the problems related to testing and maintaining the quality of the product. So, the real purpose of testing is to take care of the impact the product is causing on the customers.


The maturity of the product comes through continuous testing in all the phases of software development. There is a need to consider QA testing as a mandatory part of software development at each step. It will make the quality of the product great by avoiding all the risks. Communicating properly through the teams and by using the appropriate tools for QA testing, you can develop a mature product. OptimusFox provides QA testing services to its customers at affordable prices during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can contact us and get a quote!

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