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Know About the 2020 Graphic Design Trends

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by OptimusFox

Know About the 2020 Graphic Design Trends

This year has brought a grave situation in its beginning when it comes to the current COVID-19 situation. The global economy is halted by this outbreak. Even in these situations, Optimus Fox is providing its graphic design services to its customers. Be it logo design or web page design, we enable the clients to fulfil the requirements of their branding strategy by latest graphic design trends.

Graphic design is an essential part of user experience. Catchy user interface designs are appealing to the users. The user experience is directly related to graphic design. This article discusses the 2020 graphic design trends that are used for maximizing the user experience. Today, almost all the graphic design companies are following the latest trends of designing.

Optimus Fox also stays up to date with the modern trends of design mostly used in 2020. We provide the best graphic design services according to new trends. Have a look at the latest trends now.

Liquids and Gradients – New Graphic Design Trends

Liquids and gradients are extensively used in designing. Fresh colors are preferred for gradients. Icons, buttons and illustrations use gradients for graphic design. The designers have been using liquids and gradients for a long time.

Simple and Isometric Illustrations

Simple illustrations are trendy these days. The explanation of an idea in a simple and clearly understandable way is preferred rather than complex ways. Simple illustrations are used to give the message immediately as the attention span of human beings is becoming low with the passage of time.

Isometric illustrations are also used for designing. They are mostly used in user interface design. The trend was witnessed by the businesses associated with cryptocurrency but now it is used by other businesses too.

Character Design

The character that defines the complete concept of the idea is also used in designing. The designer puts a lot of strength in the personality of that character. The personality possesses the features provided by the business or core of the business. Virtual assistants can be considered as examples of character design.

Bold Colors

The bold and muted colors are trending these days due to their strong appearance. The illustrations use bold colors to have a strong image of the story behind any brand. Bold colors provide great user experience design for any business online.


There is a combination of 2D and 3D used in the animations when it comes to UI UX design. Complex visual effects can be shown by using 3D animated illustrations. The appearance of 3D illustrations provide businesses with the 2020 graphic design trends.

Animated logos are also used by companies to give an image of the brand. Logo design in 2020 has shown a trend of animations for having a competitive edge over the others when it comes to design.


Bold typography is preferred in designing. Most graphic design companies prefer bold fonts for designing nowadays. Whenever you get a chance to visit a graphic design website, the trending features include typography which is vibrant and vocal enough to convey the message.

Patterns and Textures

There are many patterns and textures that are used today. They can be created manually. There are many patterns that can be found from the internet. The texture based designs are appealing to the eyes. The textures used in designing make the design look like a real thing.


The design used in modern days is realistic. The designs are very close to reality. The things, shapes and designs etc. showed in a graphic design are very close to reality. When the details are shown extensively, the designs appear like real things.


The designing has become an integral part of advertising, marketing and branding. Its importance cannot be negated. There is a lot of work done to convey the ideas to the people. The aim of any business is to clearly send its ideology and concept behind the product it makes. This is done by designing according to the latest graphic design trends. Nowadays, the designing is full of colors and bold typography. Overall the simple designs with clear messages are preferred in this year’s trends. follows all the 2020 graphic design trends that help our customers to gain competitive advantage over others. Our experienced designers help our clients according to their requirements.