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Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP) is a process where the interaction between humans and computers is made possible with the help of natural language. It is a subset of artificial intelligence. The latest AI trends show that the ultimate goal to achieve from this technology is to build software and robots that possess the same set of abilities as human beings. The core idea behind NLP technology is to manipulate natural language in the form of text or speech, with the help of a software.

What is NLP?

The idea behind NLP is to use the natural language for designing a way in which machines can talk like humans. The technology has significantly improved the life of humans. The use of robots in the industry specially to perform repetitive tasks has grown over the years. When there is a need to establish a way of communication, artificial intelligence coupled with computational linguistics comes into place. The process of using these both technologies is called natural language processing.

NLP Techniques

Natural language processing techniques are as follows:


It is related to the setting of words in a sentence. How the words are used and placed in a sentence. The grammatical balance of the sentence is also called syntax. NLP uses syntax to analyze whether the sentence makes grammatical sense or not based on the rules of the language. It is called Parsing. Another syntax technique is called word segmentation which divides the sentence into smaller units. Sentence breaking is another syntax technique that determines the boundaries of the sentence. Morphological segmentation, a technique used to split the words into groups. Lemmatization and stemming are those syntax techniques that allow us to get to the root forms for analyzing the different forms of a word.


The first technique is the lexical semantics that determine the context of the word and its meanings according to the origin. Besides that, machine translation is used for translating one language to the other. For mapping the object to proper name, named entity recognition techniques are there. Optical character recognition is a technique to convert the image printed texts into such formats that are readable in computer. For analyzing the emotions, question answering and sentiment analysis are the techniques of this technology. Word sense disambiguation is one of the NLP techniques to cater the multiple uses of a single word.


This technique is used for NLP development to defining the words in long sentences. It includes discourse analysis which caters the references of sentences used in large forms of text. It also includes conference resolution which identifies the correlation of words in the text.


It involves speech recognition and text-to-speech processes where the speech is changed into text format. It also uses speech segmentation where the words are separated into sequences.

NLP Applications

There are several applications of natural language processing that companies are providing to their clients. Optimus Fox is one of those companies committed to serve its clients in this technology with a strong development team. Let’s discuss some NLP applications now.

Recruitment Processes

The candidates search can be enhanced with integrating NLP applications with the hiring process. This technology can help ease the process of hiring. The potential candidate cannot be neglected by the NLP software which is intelligent enough to filter the right candidates for you.


The audience that are interested to buy any product can be identified with natural language processing applications. The companies can maximize their profits by targeting the relevant and new audiences with its help. The budgets allocated to marketing can be efficiently utilized with the help of this software.


The handling of data of the patients along with their medical history becomes easy with NLP technology. The patients can easily access the medical information. The doctors can make quick decisions with relevant medical knowledge. The healthcare companies and doctors make accurate decisions with the help of statistical models which help in quick diagnosis.

Customer Service

The NLP based chatbots can provide excellent customer services by answering the routine questions of customers. It increases the level of satisfaction of the customers by having simple conversations. You can provide customer support at any time of the day with the help of natural language processing applications.


The essence of NLP is the application of machine learning algorithms to text and speech. Microsoft OS possesses an assistant called Cortana which is able to recognize natural voice. It helps you to open applications, set reminders, check weather conditions and send emails. It is able to handle the basic stuff. Apple’s virtual assistant called Siri can perform a lot of tasks by voice commands. The spam detection service offered by Gmail is also an example of NLP applications.

Artificial Intelligence is a constantly growing field. The advances in this field has made it an important part of the IT industry. The similar is the case with other fields relevant to it. Natural language processing, being an amalgam of AI and machine learning, has enabled the enterprises to optimize business growth. The applications cover all spheres of business. The productivity of a company is increased when less time is taken to complete a task. Lastly, enhanced customer experience with NLP oriented business applications results in having good repute for your business. also enables its customers during the days of COVID-19 outbreak to find the best possible results with our NLP services at affordable prices.