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Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in an Online Clothing Store

Posted On  July 10, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in an Online Clothing Store

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of every industry due to its lucrative features and amazing customer centric benefits. This article focuses on the ways in which artificial intelligence development services can help the clothing industry to enable its users to find the right products online and make more sales.

Similar Product Suggestions Within Same Window

Each time buyers see that their desired item is out of stock or the required size is not available, they are not going to use your online store. The solution to this problem is an advanced product suggestion algorithm. Unlike other AI algorithms that are based on customer data and behavior patterns, this artificial system gathers information from product images, analyses its characteristics such as color, size, style, etc., classifies them, and suggests other products based on visual similarities.

AR/VR Inclusion in Online Store

The main reason why some users who are in search of clothing avoid buying online is that they need some in-store experience where they can touch the fabric and try items to check the size. The solution is a virtual feature that is based on Augmented Reality, incorporated into an online store or e-commerce mobile application. AR try-on uses algorithms and sensors that work in such a way that it identifies the buyer’s position from the camera on mobile devices, and places 3D objects on the top as original surroundings making the shopping experience interactive, personalized and engaging.


Shoppers who have questions regarding your clothes and fashion products will be feeling disappointed and leave your online store if customer support services are not there. For 44% of online customers, a live chat feature which can answer their questions act as a decision-making agent to purchase from your store. Managing a large contact center with hundreds of online managers is quite a costly project. If you want to provide satisfactory customer support which is cost-efficient, consider integrating a chatbot with Natural Language Processing (NLP) which helps the users to make a purchase decision accurately.

Apart from online chatting and answering the queries of the customers, chatbots can show the updated status of orders, compare different products, search for products, and perform the tasks as virtual assistants of the online customer. Chatbots ask customers to type the item that is required, a chatbot understands the user’s input and brings the relevant search results. This is possible due to NLP applications. 

 Image Recognition

Online clothing stores that have a long journey to finding desired products can bring more to their customers by image recognition technology. Deep learning technology has enabled the online brands to provide the users an easy way to find their products using the pictures. A massive amount of data is used by the developers to integrate this technology in your online clothing store. Afterwards, the AI algorithm identifies the items from the uploaded image, finds the products that are similar to it and shows the relevant results to the customers.

Visual product search integration increases the chances of conversion as it takes less time to find the products that customers want. Also, the latest technologies integrated in the AI domain enables the user to have an engaging experience of shopping.


To compete in the online fashion industry, you need to strengthen your online store with streamlined search capability, 24/7 customer support, and more personalized suggestions. Now that you are aware of AI and Machine Learning (ML) enabled clothing retail trends. The last thing remaining is to hire developers, Optimus Fox possesses web development team experienced in AI and ML algorithms that can enable your clothing store to become successful. Get a free quote from us to get the AI services at very affordable prices.