Impacts of COVID-19 on Tourism Industry and How to Cope It

Impacts of COVID-19 on Tourism Industry and How to Cope It

Posted On  July 20, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

Impacts of COVID-19 on Tourism Industry and How to Cope It

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated businesses all over the world. Every industry has come to a halt due to the novel coronavirus. The impacts of lockdowns have made people suffer losses in the businesses. In this post, we will discuss its impacts on the tourism industry and how it is coping with the current wave of pandemic.

Tourism Dependent Economies Suffered the Most

The economies that are dependent on tourism are suffering the most. Dubai, for example, generated a lot of revenue from the tourism industry. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, the businesses are suffering from losses. There are a lot of people who are getting unemployed due to reduced business activity.

Utilizing Social Media to Maintain Position in the Market

The financial stress starts to burden the global tourism industry due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Many businesses are focusing to reserve their financial resources due to the threats they face. However, businesses try to maintain their position in the market with the help of social media marketing. The data and analytics expert are of the opinion that organizations are using social media marketing as a tool to communicate with the target audience.

The reports tell us that there is a significantly large number of people that are using social media owing to lockdowns. Staying at home increases the use of social media because it is the only way to stay connected with the world. This phenomenon is used by the tourism industry to stay in touch with those who love to travel.

Increased Use of Social Media Platforms Bringing Opportunities for Businesses

According to statistics, more than 44 percent of the people in the USA are using social media platforms more than ever before. It is due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In the Americas, tourism companies can use such channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for promoting advertisements to target customers. It is an opportunity for them because there are a lot of people using social media.

How Soon Can Tourism Industry Revive

The reason behind the spread of coronavirus in the world is travelling. When people moved from one place to the other, the virus spread rapidly. So, the tourism industry will revive after a longer time as compared to other businesses as the fear of the virus will continue. Tourism industry is focused on targeting their audience through social media in order to improve their visibility online.

Hoping for the Best

We hope that things get better once the current wave of COVID-19 ends. The tourism industry flourishes again with the same zeal. Until then, a large audience can be targeted by powerful social media marketing strategies. The greatest benefit is that it is an affordable form of marketing in the current days where less or no revenue is being generated by the tourism companies.

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