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How to Utilize Online Channels for Social Media Marketing?

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How to Utilize Online Channels for Social Media Marketing

Before the advent of social media, it was hard to let people know about your product. The businesses took help of yellow pages, billboards, newspapers and television. But nowadays, with the help of social media marketing, it is much easier to reach the target audience and sell products. There are many social media marketing companies that are enabling their clients to increase their sales. is a digital marketing and IT agency that helps its customers to use social media strategically to increase their brand visibility online and sell their products to make more revenue. The current COVID-19 crisis has brought the global economy to a stop. In this worse situation, Optimus Fox is here to sincerely help its customers and provide one of the best digital marketing services.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

The fundamental part of social media marketing is to create a strategy that helps to develop a marketing plan for a business. It involves the rise in website traffic, engagement of audience, brand awareness and other marketing goals. The idea is to create different types of content on different platforms of social media. Potential and prospective customers have a personalized experience through SMM strategy.

The creation of content to go viral is required for maximum outreach. Videos, blogs and infographics can help you to do that. You can get millions of likes, comments and shares of your post on social media. That is the real power of SMM which gives you a great visibility on the internet. Social media advertising helps to target all types of audiences because almost everyone uses social media platforms nowadays.

SMM can help you to achieve higher conversion rates and increased brand awareness. If we are placing the product in front of the right eyes, we can get potential lifetime customers of our product. It can also help to improve search engine rankings and go side by side with search engine optimization. It is a cost effective marketing solution for businesses. Companies get social media marketing services in order to increase their sales.

There are multiple platforms of social media that can be utilized for marketing purposes. It depends on the nature of the audience and the type of product/service you are selling. Let us look closely into different channels used for social media marketing one by one:

1. Facebook

The most popular social media platform is Facebook. It has billions of users worldwide. The Facebook app is used more than the web page. A fairly large percentage of users use its mobile application. It is a commonality of people, like family or colleagues. There are a lot of aged people who use Facebook. It provides an option to post video content which results in the greatest amount of engagement. Food business, news & media and e-commerce platforms can gain its maximum advantage when it comes to SMM strategy.

By posting relevant content for your audience, promotion of a brand can bring potential customers to your business. The posting is done according to a schedule. You can also advertise your posts using Facebook ads. All types of audiences can be targeted with it due to a large number of users. For social media marketing, it is a great platform.

2. Instagram

There are a lot of users of Instagram, around one billion almost. It uses the power of imagery. This application is used by women and young people mostly according to statistics. If these demographics fit your target audience, you should use Instagram for marketing purposes. Many social media marketing companies prefer it for a younger target audience.

Photos and videos are the best forms of content to post on it. Industries that are successful on Instagram are those who make beauty products, sell food & beverages and e-commerce. For social media marketing, its great use is that you need to have an attractive Bio, profile picture and a URL to your website. Use plenty of relevant hashtags when posting an image or a video. Also, following relevant accounts of your industry can help you see what others are doing.

3. Twitter

It is used for blogging with minimum characters. It tends a lot towards millennials, around 80 percent of them are active users. If you want to give a brief idea of your product, Twitter can be used for that. Mostly, this platform is used for news. Content that is used the most is videos, infographics, articles, etc. News and media industries are gaining the most advantage from it.

The target audience for SMM is mandatory, therefore utilizing Twitter by videos, images and other media, you have to build up a following and engage with influencers. It will help you to extend your reach to multiple audiences. It helps you the most in finding the trends on social media through hashtags.

4. LinkedIn

This social media platform leans towards men mostly. There are a lot of young users too. It is a B2B platform so it helps in generating B2B leads for your business. The content that works the most on LinkedIn is blogs, tips, jobs and industry news. You need to create a profile that is compelling. You can create a company page for your business by putting all the information about the company there. The company page should be optimized in order to increase the number of followers.

It helps you to connect with other people. It can increase your followers. You can use images and videos on it. There is an option of ads on LinkedIn for targeting everything related to your business. It is the best platform available for social media marketing strategy that involves B2B communication.

5. YouTube

It is the most popular platform after Facebook. The only thing that will work for you on YouTube is video. You cannot post content in any other form. Gaming, entertainment and vlog industry has flourished on it. Many influencers have their own YouTube channels.

For better social media marketing, you need to optimize your video. You need to post videos regularly by following a schedule. Organizing videos into a playlist is also important. You can provide translations of the videos you make. Also, YouTube advertising can be used.


Social media marketing is based on multiple social platforms. Each platform has its own benefits. Depending upon the need of the business, you can use any channel for marketing purposes. The target audience and the mode of business are the primary determinants of what channel is used for your SMM activities.

You can get digital marketing services of Optimus Fox at very affordable prices. Our experienced digital marketers have the complete understanding of social media marketing. They are aware of the current COVID-19 crisis and help you to build a great marketing strategy for improving your business growth. We offer best digital solutions to our customers so that they generate more revenues through SMM. You can contact us any time.

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