How to Use Google Trends: 10 Mind-Blowing Tricks for Entrepreneurs

How to Use Google Trends: 10 Mind-Blowing Tricks for Entrepreneurs

Posted On  September 8, 2020 in  

by Navick Ogutu

Google Trends is what you need to grow your sales to remarkable figures

Google Trends is what you need to grow your sales to remarkable figures. As a marketer, there are tons of marketing tools you can use.

Among them, Google Trends stands out. The tool informs marketers and businesses of the seasonal trends of different products. It also enlightens them on their niche in google.

Right at this moment, I know you have questions on how all this is possible. How will a business stay ahead and always tell what matters the most to its audience? You do not need to look further.

All you need is Google Trends; a marketing tool that will transform your brand. It will also enable you to meet your audience’s expectations. In this article, you’ll discover more about Google trends and how to use it in your favor. 

So, let’s get going!

Why Is Google Trends Relevant?

Companies that need to review their SEO strategy require powerful tools such as Google trends. It allows every user to view any kind of topic and question which people have sought for the most.

It also allows data access to the regularity of the way specific searches have occurred at a specific time. If you are looking to find Google Trends, visit the homepage of Google.

Type the word google trends and google is going to direct you to the page

Now that you know why Google trends is important, it’s time to dive deeper into how you can use this amazing feature to build your business.

10 Mind-Blowing Google Trends Tricks for Entrepreneurs

1. Finding Niches

This powerful tool is efficient for finding a growing niche and also viewing seasonal trends. It also features the products that are currently trending. However, marketers need to monitor any new trend a bit longer to help them profit from sales.

Not only will you view products and new niches that are trending, but also identify fads in the industry.

2. Google Shopping

Do you wonder when the appropriate period for you to produce Google Shopping ads is? Also, if you are ever wondering when the right time is for endorsing your products and services as a retailer, use Google Shopping. 

Just visit the Google Shopping category and promote your products and services. Besides, you can also check our awesome Tips to Grab More Customer Attention to Your Online Store.

3. Finding Related Products Categories in Certain Topics

Most businesses feel the need to explore different niches apart from their core niche. To enable diversification for the brand, use this SEO tool to look for related areas on your brand’s core niche

So if your brand needs to expand its product and services niche in google, visit its related topics segment. Check which product category the brand can relate to in given segments.

4. YouTube Google Trends

For businesses struggling to enhance the performance on their websites, Google Trends will be of great help. You don’t have to struggle to grow the brand’s reach in various social networks. The tool is very useful especially in sites such as YouTube

When finding a certain topic onYouTube, you get the option of viewing the trending issues that year or the previous year. This can help in making the most traffic in particular months.

5. Google Trends for Keyword 

Are you having trouble finding the correct keywords to use? Just go to the section on “related queries” on the tool’s page. There you will find the keywords, product classifications, and blog post optimization. This section will provide you characteristics that can help you make sense of what you need.

6. Competitor Analysis

Are you looking into knowing how the brand’s competitors are doing against you? Utilize the compare elements of Google Trends. These elements allow you to match a number of search words or rivals. This can be useful in helping your brand stay ahead of your competitors. 

When you notice your brand is lagging, you can discover what they are doing to be ahead. You could also use what you learn from them to improve.

7. Brand Promotion by use of Seasonal Trends

Years have peak seasons and off-peak seasons which may impact the sales in a month. In peak seasons, businesses will register growth in sales while during off-peak, they may need to sell their seasonal products. 

Nonetheless, as a brand, you can identify the off-peak seasons to help it build its business as it waits for the peak season to sell even more. It can as well sell other related products during off-peak seasons. 

This will help the brand complement its store’s products.

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8. Finding Niche Topics

Various regions have different audiences. Therefore, one can get a niche subject by region through advertisements. One can also capitalize on selling in the region that has been registering a growth in the product in google trends.

Identifying an area of interest will help your brand to save money on areas that will not generate sales.

9. Coming Up With New Content

Most businesses are using new content to drive traffic to their sites and increase their brand awareness. As a business, you should create blogs to get more customers and drive more traffic to your site. 

In Google Trends, when you realize that your brand is losing its position in Google, you can step up your game. One effective way is by publishing fresh content on your blog.

10. Google Trends for Content  regarding Trending Topics 

The tool has a trending search segment where a business can get the newest topics at that moment. These trending searches may include stories connecting into some niches. 

Therefore, you can take relevant audiences again to the website by utilizing the trending searches. You may also raise the efficiency of retargeting advertisements.

Final Thoughts

Have you tried Google Trends for your brand? If you have used this tool, kindly share your experience. If not, and you have any questions regarding the topic, ask! We will answer. 

With google trends, you are bound to grow your business and surpass your brand’s revenue goals.