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How to Pave Your Way Through iOS App Development

Posted On  June 23, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

How to Pave Your Way Through iOS App Development

This article focuses on the beginners who want to work in the field of iOS app development. Mobile phones are the most commonly used devices around the world. It has increased the importance of mobile app development services in all businesses because there is a large number of mobile phone users. It also works to market your product as your brand becomes a part of the user’s mobile phone. Whether it is android or iPhone app, it has brought the world to digitally interact with each other.

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Now let’s talk about how you can start iOS app development by yourself

Get a Mac and an iPhone

The first thing you need to have for developing iOS applications is a Mac. There is no necessity to buy the latest and the newest but you need it for sure.

Install Xcode

For coding, Apple has Xcode as its integrated development environment (IDE). After having a Mac on your desk, you need to install Xcode in it. It is the most important software for iOS coding. You can edit, write and debug your application using storyboards and test your app. Xcode will help you upload your application to the App Store.

Learn the Basics of Programming

The hardest step that will lead you into the world of iPhone app development is to learn how to program in an iOS environment. There are multiple languages available for coding like Swift and Objective-C. There are guides available on the internet that can help you to start with the coding. Swift language guide by Apple is one such example of a tool for beginners in this field.

Create Apps with the Help of Tutorials

You can start your iOS applications by learning gradually with the help of tutorials. There are a lot of tutorials available at AppCoda, for example, from which you can build different applications.

Build Your Own App and Learn

Now, you can start building your own custom app. When you go for a job in the field of iOS, you can show your custom app that you have developed. Continuous learning can help you gather all the information related to iOS applications.

Signs of a Good iOS Application

The signs of a good app that an iOS app development company is looking for:

  • It should be working properly
  • The code must be clean
  • Small classes and excellent code organizing
  • Using storyboards
  • Simple unit tests
  • Use of Cocoa Pods

Publishing Your Application to App Store

The idea behind publishing your application is to know about the process of uploading the app to the App Store. You will learn about all the restrictions Apple has put on apps. It will help as a learning process.

Upload Your App to GitHub

It is a social platform for sharing the code. You can also view other people’s code. You can make contributions to the projects that are available there. It is a platform for learning and it can help you become as an iOS app developer.


These were some steps to take for beginning your career in iOS app development. There are many companies which offer mobile app development services in USA, and Optimus Fox is one of best among them that provide quality work at very low prices. We are here to serve you even in the days of COVID-19 because we are committed to help our customers whatever the circumstances are.