Get to Know About Big Data Technologies and its Applications

Get to Know About Big Data Technologies and its Applications

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by OptimusFox

Big Data Technologies

There is a lot of discussion on the topic of big data nowadays as it is becoming an important domain of technology. The core function of big data technologies provide is to analyze, process, and extract the information. This information comes from complex data sets. However, traditional data processing software cannot deal with large and complex data. Therefore, big data is used for data processing purposes.

The real-time data processing of huge amounts of data is possible with the help of big data technologies. Similarly, it also provides predictions to reduce the risks in the future.

Now let us look into the Categories in which the Big Data Technologies are divided:

Operational Big Data Technologies

The normal day to day data that we generate comes under the umbrella of the operational domain. It can relate to performing online transactions. Similarly, it can relate to the daily use of social media. Also, it can be any data from a particular organization that has a large number of employees. It appears to be raw data because it is not present in a single place.


Some of the examples of operational big data technologies are:

  • Booking online tickets for something, it can be rail tickets for going from one place to another. Moreover, it can be flight tickets or tickets for a movie.
  • If you are doing online shopping from a platform like Amazon or Flipkart.
  • The large amounts of data from social media channels. These include Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other platforms.
  • The details of the employees of any multinational company.

Analytical Big Data Technologies

Analytical big data is the advanced version of big data technologies in place. It is more complex than operational big data solutions that companies opt for. It helps to make decisions by analyzing operational technologies. As a result, the data operational technology provides allows making important business decisions.


Some examples of analytical big data technologies are as follows:

  • Stock marketing and the analysis of the data related to it.
  • Space missions and information related to it.
  • Weather forecast information where large scale data is used.
  • The medical field where the status of patients is crucial.

Applications of Big Data

There are many industries that are using big data technologies for getting ahead of their competitors. Similarly, Big data companies are providing solutions for the industries to use modern technology in business.

Weather Prediction

In order to cope up with the natural calamities, the weather forecast industry utilizes it for predicting the weather. A sudden storm which is a surprise for the people can cause devastation. In addition, analyzing all the details like climate change, wind direction, precipitation, etc. helps to predict the weather.

Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is also using big data to analyze the interest of the customer. The targeted advertisement with the help of big data technologies enables the business to make customer sentiment analysis. For instance, millions of people use the Starbucks application. The amount of data it generates is used to suggest the customers about new products. Also, it tells customers about the discount the company is offering.

Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry utilizes big data for analyzing the trends of diseases. Any disease that has a chance to spread in the future is analyzed by the data collected from the patients. Based on geography and demographics, big data solutions can predict where the outbreak of an epidemic is going to happen. Many healthcare companies in the US create disease management programs. These predict the likelihood of any disease according to the response of the patients.

Tourism Industry

Global tourism companies use big data to check the peak season and occupancy of hotels. The management of revenue, market research, personalized offers for the customers, and investment opportunities. All these details are provided to the customers. In addition, with the help of data analysis, this process is carried out. OptimusFox provides big data services at affordable prices to its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We develop big data solutions for our customers so they can use modern technology to stay ahead in the competition. Get a quote by contacting us!

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