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The Ever Growing Importance of Digital Marketing

Posted On  March 16, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

The Ever Growing Importance of Digital Marketing

Marketing has had to keep up and deal with technology advances and our relationship to it ever since in the past three decades. There is an effect of marketing innovation technology on manufacturers, vendors, customers and buyers. Marketing Companies’ have seen the biggest change in marketing history: the first commercially available personal computers. Two years later the internet made its first official appearance.

The Internet’s widespread penetration into everyday life is the single largest phenomenon that has influenced marketing in the last three decades. The environment changed as users increased, from email to search engines such as Yahoo! and Google, and e-commerce websites. This was a goldmine for commercialization. Email has become a modern outbound marketing tool, joining the existing arsenal of television, radio and print advertising and telephone sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Early SEO tactics including keyword stuffing, unnecessary tagging and backlinks were used by marketers to generate high rankings. SEO is considered a must-have for any successful website today. Later on, the start of the millennium introduced Google AdWords – the first online advertising service at a low cost per click. Google AdSense has become the first targeted advertising service available.

Social Media

Various social platforms were founded which became the root of marketing. LinkedIn, giving professionals a platform through which to communicate online. Not long after, Facebook was developed predominantly for American college students, and rapidly expanded. YouTube, giving people a platform through which to share their own videos with the world.

Mobile Technology

Advances in mobile technology, particularly over the last 10-20 years, have radically changed the way we interact with the outside world on an individual basis by giving us the ability to access almost any information we need instantly. As technology changes the way individuals consume information, the way companies transmit information also changes. Small but significant changes in the evolution of digital marketing came with advances in technology. The advent of HTML formed the basis of all this.

Touch screen and mobile technology paved the way for better user interfaces which in effect introduced new concepts for captive audiences in design, data capture, and targeted marketing.

The almost exponential rise of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and later Snapchat gave users the spotlight; an avenue through which companies were able to personalize marketing campaigns based on likes, preferences, and locations.

Today, the real-time interaction brands have with customers when they connect with websites and mobile apps. The modern-day marketing department needs to combine the creative side of the discipline with the technical side of data. Digital innovation and analytics using powerful narratives are used to tap into the desires and expectations of individuals. The two spheres should go together for optimum results.