Corporate branding VS Product branding - Essential Differences

Corporate branding VS Product branding – Essential Differences

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by OptimusFox

Corporate Branding

When we discuss marketing a specific product without considering the company, it refers to product branding. The center of attention is the product, all the marketing and advertising revolves around the product. On the other hand, corporate branding is broader, it refers to the marketing and advertising of all the products.

About Product Branding

The product branding does not include the name of the company in the branding activities. For instance, Unilever produces a wide range of products, every product has its own name and slogan too. For such organizations, the name of the product is more important than the name of the company. The parent company rarely comes when product branding is done.

About Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is a broader concept as compared to other forms of branding. Here, the name of the service or product is not mentioned but the company as a whole is represented by the brand. The brand should create a feeling of trust among the customers through its services or products. It may provide a large range of products. But the brand name is represented by the name of the company or slogans attached to it.

Strategizing the Branding Process

There is a strategy devised for business branding purposes. Like the corporate social responsibility which promotes the corporate brand rather than the products, it has to offer. Similarly, when an organization works for a public cause, it is not promoting its products. But it announces its values for humanity. Such strategies are never promoting the products but the corporate brand.

Corporate Branding is Long-Term

When it comes to corporate branding, it is a long term phenomenon. You want to grow the reputation of your company over a long period of time. But product branding changes with the passage of time. As the products change, this type of branding also evolves quickly. Also, the target audiences are different for both types of branding. For branding a product, the target audience is not fairly large, but corporate brands target a wide range of audiences.

Brand Recognition Creates Loyal Customers

With a strong brand in place, the company makes a name easily among the people. The customers become loyal to the businesses because they have developed a trust with the brand. There is a chance that they will select your brand again and again. As a result, they become loyal customers due to the trust they have. Business branding, whether corporate or product, maximizes brand loyalty among the consumers.

Hiring Branding Agencies Can Help

Companies can hire a branding agency that can develop strategies for advertising and marketing. It can make your business become a brand and create loyal customers for you. The agencies that provide branding services can help you increase your sales and revenues. Branding will help you to promote your company and products to become successful in the market.

Which Type of Branding is More Important

Corporate branding is more important than product branding because it makes people believe in your brand. When your customers get the products, the importance of creating a corporate brand cannot be ignored. In addition, it helps you make a name in the market that is trustworthy and meaningful for the customers. Moreover, a strong corporate brand provides a competitive edge over other players in the market.

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