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Basic Principles Required for Efficient QA Testing

Posted On  September 2, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

QA testing

QA testing refers to a continuous process of finding the bugs and reporting the development team to rectify it. It is an essential part of the software development life cycle. Automation testing is done to make sure that the quality of the business applications for mobile phones or websites are functioning properly. Manual and automation, both are practiced in the IT industry. This article will throw light on the basic principles of QA testing and how it helps in creating a product of fine quality. We will restrict our discussion to the quality assurance associated with the software development industry.

There are certain principles established for the software automation testing which act as the basic rules for the process. These principles are as under:

  1.   Testing shows presence of errors

When it comes to answering the question: What is QA testing, it can be said that testing is aimed at identifying the faults in a portion of a software. QA automation is used to find the issues that can disrupt the functionality of a software. No matter if the bug is small or large, if it can affect the software program, it needs to be addressed as a mistake and resolved immediately. Since it affects the overall functionality of the software, it should be taken care of. If we are able to successfully reduce the issues found in a software, the desired results can be achieved. 

  1.   Exhaustive testing is not possible

It is not possible to test all the possible scenarios in a software program. Even if you apply all the types of QA testing, it is not favorable to test all the inputs along with their combinations that generate different outputs. We cannot spend a lot of days creating millions of scenarios which are less likely to happen. It is a good decision to focus on those cases that are significant and can cause a potential problem in the software if not addressed properly.

  1.   Early testing helps

As the steps are taken in a software development lifecycle, the impact of an error grows. QA testing should be started as soon as possible to make sure that the bugs in a software can be found at an early stage. If the testing is started late, the errors cause havoc to the functionality of the software. The issues detected with the help of automation testing should be resolved immediately.

  1.   Defect clustering

If there is an error found in a module of a software, this module is checked completely by thorough testing. It is done because there is a fair chance that this module will have other bugs too. This principle in QA automation emphasizes that the module having a defect should be tested completely to make sure that the defected area of the software does not cause an impact to its overall function. By doing this, the risk of other errors is mitigated in that part of the software. 

  1.   Pesticide paradox

For QA testing, if the same type of tests are run again and again, it is not considered a good practice. When you have detected and resolved an issue with the help of a test case, it becomes useless. Now, it is required to update the tests for better performance of the software. In order to make sure that benefits of automation testing are going to be achieved, it is recommended to review the tests on a regular basis. It will help you to adapt and find more errors for smooth running of the program.

  1.   Testing is context dependent.

Different applications are tested in a different manner. The industry can be different, the target of the application must be different, the purpose behind development of the application is different and many other reasons are there. For example, a website for a corporate company emphasizes on speed and usability. On the contrary, banking applications require safety of the user’s data. Therefore, different sets of tests are applied in QA testing on different applications.

 Absence-of-errors fallacy

The errors should be removed from the software. However, the absence of all the errors does not necessarily show that the application is successful. The time spent on beautifying the code and improving the functionalities of the product does not really matter if the expectations of the user are not addressed in a professional manner. The target audience can even reject what you have produced as an error free product.

Final Words

These guidelines are accepted everywhere when the topic of discussion is software testing. If you are offering QA testing services, it is mandatory to follow these guidelines as basic principles. There are other principles too. Like, the process of QA testing should be independently held and documentation and reporting must be done for every test case.

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