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Basic Fundamentals of Graphic Design and its Types

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by OptimusFox

Graphic Design

The art of design is a fundamental aspect of nature. What we really think about design is the basic layout of something. Design refers to the way of formation of anything. As the technology advanced, certain tools came into existence that helped to produce eye catching designs. This took us to a whole new field of graphic design which keeps itself adjacent to the user experience. In this article, we will restrict ourselves to graphic design which is associated with the IT industry.

Keeping in view the ultimate need of a graphic design website or an application, we can say that the real purpose of design is to create an impactful sight for the user. The user must experience a captivating design so that it stays on the website or use the mobile application. The graphic design ideas are oriented according to the psychology of the user. The capability of the designer is a concealed art which displays itself when the user experiences it.

The fundamentals of graphic design are the visual elements. Some visual elements are line, color, shape, texture, space, form and typography. There should be a substance behind your design work. The practicality of the design should be taken care of. Addressing the audience in a visual way is the essence of design. The graphic design ideas come through a design process. The creative tools are used to bring that idea to life.

The graphic design companies emphasize on the focal point of design which is its use for commercial purposes. The design helps to advertise your brand and create more customers by indulging experience. However, the design can also be used for other purposes like education. Since it is a work of art, it has its roots in the creativity of Man. From fine art to modern web design, it is a work of art.

Types of Graphic Design

Let’s discuss the types of design now.

  1.   Visual identity design

This type of design focuses on the visual identity of a product. It focuses on the identity of a brand. It emphasizes on brand identity where the design is focused on advertising purposes. The logos and typography used by the brands come under the umbrella of visual identity design. These designs ensure the consistency of a brand.

  1.   Marketing and branding

Marketing efforts are needed by every company to compete in the market. Engaging the target audience is the most important thing for any business to flourish. Since the visual content is more engaging than other forms of content, it helps organizations to have a competitive advantage over the other to use graphic design for marketing and branding. Brochures, flyers, postcards are some examples of marketing design.

  1.   User interface design

This type is directed towards the interaction of the user with the design. How does the device interact with the user, is it giving a user friendly experience or not? These are the primary questions considered while designing an application or website. User interface design must be pleasing and aesthetically appealing to the users. The examples are web page design and theme design. For a graphic design agency, the consideration of user interface is the first priority.

  1.   Publication design

Publication design is a design of books, newspapers, magazines and catalogs. The modern digital publishing has risen as an option for publishing now. Graphic designers for publications are required to work with editors to create designs according to the typography and illustrations needed.

  1.   Packaging design

Every part of the packaging, be it a bag or any other box, its graphic design can tell the story of a brand. Packaging is a direct communication platform with the user. The packaging designers are the creators of concepts behind a brand’s ideology. They design according to the need of the time.

  1.   Motion graphic design

Animations, imagery, video and other effects are produced by motion graphic designers. The motion graphics is a term used for video content which has become the top priority nowadays for viewers. Advertisements, animated logos and trailers are some examples of motion graphics.

  1.   Environmental graphic design

It is an architectural and interior design type which connects people with different places. Office branding and museum exhibitions are examples of environmental design. The digital display makes environmental design interactive for the viewer. It also creates an engaging experience for the user.


Based on the discussion, we can say that graphic design is important for all the industries for multiple purposes. There is not a single purpose that is served by design but a whole lot of aspects are attached to it. OptimusFox is offering cost effective graphic design services to its customers during the COVID-19 crisis. From logo design to complete website design, we offer all the services in the graphic design domain. You can contact us for our services. We can help you attract an audience through compelling designs.

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