What is graphic design? What are the important elements of design?

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Graphic design is an art that has a purpose behind it. It is a combination of creative ideas and systematic plans to solve any problem. Similarly, the primary objective of the design is to gain the attention of the user. Images, symbols, and words helps to convey the message to the viewer. In addition, cool …

How to reduce the costs of Software Development Services?

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How to reduce the costs fo software development?

How to reduce the costs of Software Development Services? Software development can be problematic if you do not manage it properly. Whether your goal is to develop commercial software or a custom software solution, it can be challenging. Also, it can be quite a costly one if you are not sure how to do it …

How to Gain from Web Design Services After Launching Your Website

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Web Design Services

If you have launched your website, it is a great thing as you know what should be done to grow your business. Now comes a bigger question, what to do after the website launch? Do not worry, this blog post will let you know which steps you can take to make your website successful. Regardless …

Big Data Technologies

There is a lot of discussion on the topic of big data nowadays as it is becoming an important domain of technology. The core function of big data technologies provide is to analyze, process, and extract the information. This information comes from complex data sets. However, traditional data processing software cannot deal with large and …

How iOS App Development is Dominating the Consumer Market

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iOS App Development

Organizations now understand the necessity of mobile applications that help amplify their business growth. Consequently, it highly increases their revenue and takes consumer reach to newer heights. You can get in touch with different resources for getting your mobile app. Also, you can hire a mobile app development company for a mobile app solution. You …

Corporate branding VS Product branding – Essential Differences

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Corporate Branding

When we discuss marketing a specific product without considering the company, it refers to product branding. The center of attention is the product, all the marketing and advertising revolves around the product. On the other hand, corporate branding is broader, it refers to the marketing and advertising of all the products. About Product Branding The …

Role of QA testing in the software industry

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Role of QA Testing in Software Industry

Role of QA Testing in the Software Industry The role of QA testing cannot be ignored while talking about the software development industry. It marks the end of the lifecycle of a product but has the greatest importance for improving the code. QA testing is a field in which the software is tested for bugs …

Business Benefits with iOS App Development

The technological advancements have created a huge impact on businesses. The ever-increasing use of mobile phones gave rise to mobile app development which helps businesses in many ways. The primary benefit of getting iOS app development services is to stay in touch with the customers all the time. As a result, it increases brand awareness …

How Digital Marketing Helps Startups to Grow Exponentially

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Digital Marketing

Before the Internet revolution, it was fine for companies to have a huge budget to invest in flyers, advertisements, billboards, TV, radio, and even direct marketing to reach their customers. However, if you want to stay in the Internet game today, digital marketing is the only option. It can give you limitless digital space and …

Ecommerce Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

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Ecommerce Development

Everything is going mobile nowadays, and so is shopping. Ecommerce development is witnessing the trend of using mobile phones. Statista’s data shows that the number of US-based customers who purchase mobile phones will reach 168.7 million in 2020, while total mobile commerce spending already increased to an unbelievable figure of $41.2 billion in 2019. In …