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Android App Development – Right Tools and Components

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by OptimusFox

Android App Development - Right Tools and Components

The start of the new millennium brought technological advancements that changed the world. The two decades of the 21st century has shown the rapid development of mobile phones which has made the need of mobile applications almost necessary for any business. Android and iOS both lie in the category of mobile apps. This article primarily focuses on the fundamental aspects of Android app development which are mentioned as under:

1. Be an Expert

The programming language demands complete expertise to write the code. You need to have problem solving skills that are mandatory for mobile app development and its related technologies. The two major languages used in developing Android apps are Java and XML. For developing an Android application, you are required to have command over these languages. Consider these languages as a prerequisite to Android app development and its complete understanding. In order to develop a robust Android application, you need to master java and XML.

The essentials of Java programing language are:

  • Objects and classes
  • Packages
  • Strings
  • Collections
  • Inheritance and interfaces


2. Be Friends with the Right Development Tools and Environment

It is essential to have complete knowledge of the tools required to build an Android app. The Integrated Development Environment enables the programmer to write the code. Android Studio IDE or Eclipse are preferred for Android application development. These tools provide you help and enable you to grab the basic skills needed to develop an Android app. You will also find GitHub a helpful platform for working in collaboration with other app developers.

3. Components of an Android Application

Each component of an Android application has a unique role. There are also some components that are dependent on other components. They can be understood as the basic block of application. The different components of Android app having their specific functions are:

  • Activities – component representing a user interface screen
  • Services – component running in the background
  • Content providers – component that manages the app data
  • Broadcast receivers – component responding to announcements
  • Activating components – component that activates other components


4. Choice of the Tools

The choice of the tools must be right for Android app development. The development of an Android application can be done on Windows PC or Mac. The tools required for developing this type of software are free. You can find Linux based environments with Eclipse and the Android Software Development Kit. There are many installation guides available on the Internet that can help you in the beginning to set up an environment for coding. Android possesses unique aspects that you should understand before you start to build your first application.


Every Android app development company focuses on aforementioned fundamentals of these techniques. Understanding the requirements of the basic skills along with a strong background of Java and XML can help you begin with your first Android app. This article will enable you to ponder over the basics of Android software development by acquiring the proper skills required for it.

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Thank you for reading this article. We hope this information will enable you to enter the realm of Android app development and develop the skills associated with it.