5 Tactics to Yield Great Results from B2B Lead Generation

5 Tactics to Yield Great Results from B2B Lead Generation

Posted On  October 6, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

B2B Lead Generation

Good marketing results in meaningful results. You should be able to calculate the business impact of your marketing strategies. After all, you could have the No. 1 SERP ranking on your desired keyword. And it wouldn’t help if it didn’t bring more sales opportunities and real business revenue. Similarly, B2B lead generation is one of those inbound marketing objectives that you need to prioritize.

For B2B organizations with long sales cycles, lead generation is a pivotal part of the customer journey. In addition, filling up the sales funnel with feasible possibilities who are ready to make a purchase. In this post, we share a list of B2B lead generation tactics that can help sales teams bring more opportunities to close a deal.

Stay Active on Social Media to Reach Large Audience

B2B marketers who think social media is exclusively for B2C companies are causing harm to themselves. Social media marketing is an exceptionally useful lead generation strategy. As a result, it helps brands build awareness and establish themselves as a strong brand in their industry. Also, it helps to engage directly with potential customers.

Every B2B company should make social media part of their lead generation process, but how to start? Here’s how you develop social media strategy for generating B2B leads.

Try to connect with a large, active LinkedIn group in your industry and start contributing to it. It is a networking site, so it will help you. Similarly, promote new products, updates, content releases and everything you want to tell people about you. In addition, you should focus on facilitating conversations rather than seem like you’re always trying to sell a product.

Moreover, look closely on your social media feeds so you can timely respond to any message. Social media monitoring software can be helpful in this regard. It informs you whenever a user tags you in a post or sends you a message.

Automating Email Marketing is What You Need

If you want to efficiently utilize every dollar, email marketing automation is the right way to go. On average, email marketing gives $42 for every $1 spent on it. Automation tools make this lead generation strategy so effective. Similarly, B2B marketers can reach a large number of potential customers with least effort.

Following these best practices, you can get the best from your email marketing strategies:

  •   Divide email lists into sections so you always send the right message to the right audience.
  •   Personalize emails so every communication aligns with your prospects.
  •   Give recipients valuable information in every email, whether it’s a promotional offer or an expert advice.

Drip campaigns are helpful in engaging potential customers while making your message better in any conversation. You need to change your replies when you interact with potential consumers. Similarly, making this work with email marketing automation can help you generate more leads. This will help you making your sales team

Optimizing PPC Campaigns can Make You Prominent

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising remains an alluring B2B lead generation technique because it gives prominent position to ads on SERPs. We are aware of the problem of SERP crowding and the decreasing valuable real estate on Google search results. As a result, marketers are under pressure to appear in the top 3 search results. Or, they need to attain the desired position of their targeted keywords.

Honestly speaking, it takes a lot of effort to develop fully optimized and engaging content that will outdo the competition and deliver SEO success. In addition, there are a lot of B2B marketers that opt for a shortcut to reach the top of SERPs. PPC allows a way to do that easily. The most common type of PPC advertising, paid search ads are at the top of the SERP. As a result, they become the first thing that users see on the page.

Having said that, PPC has its own concerns. The amount you are paying for the keyword depends on the competition of that particular keyword. Search engine users hesitate to click on a paid ad than organic search results that are apparently more relevant to their query. Also, they are more likely to give the right answers.

Talking about the average conversion rate for Google Ads, it is 4.40% on the search network and 0.57% on the display network. In addition, it is not as high as organic search conversion rate. But, if you use it with other lead generation tactics for B2B domain, PPC can help you achieve what you want. As a result, all efforts you make will be fruitful for your business.

 Create Your Blogs as B2B Lead Generation Tool

Content marketing trends shift with the time. As of now, long-form content is trending which ranges from 800 words to several thousand words according to the topic.

Why is long-form blog content trending?

The reason behind it is that longer content provides in-depth knowledge and insights for the reader. When Google ranks search results, its algorithms are trying to move the web pages to the top of SERP which are more relevant. Also, those which contain useful information for the searcher.

In addition, more depth means there are more chances your blog will have an all-inclusive answer for any question. Also, it will lead to higher search rankings, put your message in front of a larger audience and bring more visitors to your site.

Moreover, informative content will help you attract more organic traffic. Also, it provides other lead generation benefits to your business as well. Long-form blogs are a chance to portray your industry expertise, dive deep into the latest market trends and offer practical advice to help readers solve their biggest problems.

Get More Sales Leads with Powerful CTAs

Creating a strong piece of content with a clear call to action (CTA) is a great way to generate leads. As a result, you can immediately begin the process of separating the qualified leads from prospects which are not beneficial.

A custom CTA adds a visual element to the page that catches the attention of readers. Also, it offers additional value for people who want to learn more about a specific topic. These People also want to know about your products and services or subscribe to your newsletter.

CTAs can promote more insightful content like a downloadable white paper or eBook. Also, it can promote a one on one consultation, a sales demo or a free trial of any service. As a result, such things encourage potential customers to move further down the marketing funnel. In addition, these provide B2B marketers the strength they need to extend the conversation with those prospects.

CTAs bring great results when it comes to your B2B lead generation strategy. Like, your prospective customers get access to exclusive content and expert insights you offer. They can get access as a result of exchanging email addresses or other contact information. Also, if someone is willing to make a purchase, there is a fair chance they will respond quickly to promotional communications. Moreover, personalized interactions coupled with lead nurturing campaigns can bring qualified leads for you.