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4 Reasons Why Your Website is Unable to Generate Leads

Posted On  August 27, 2020 in  

by OptimusFox

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Your website’s conversion analytics reports tell you that your performance is unsatisfactory. Every time you look at analytics, it makes you stressed and causes frustration. You have all your digital marketing platforms in place, you are promoting your products and services online through different advertising platforms, and the traffic is coming towards your website, but yet the clicks are not converting. Let us get into more details.

Getting traffic to your website is what most companies emphasize on to generate more leads. Nevertheless, if you’re struggling to convert leads into orders, then it may be time to look back and think about your full user journey. When you are running ads and promotions, it can bring as many people as you like to your website. But if your website is the real problem, you are going to see zeros on your analytic reports.

Here we will discuss why your website may be struggling to get the desired number of conversion rates.

 Landing Pages are not specific

One of the biggest errors most companies make online while promoting their services and products is to send their PPC traffic to their homepage. This creates a considerable bounce rate as most users would choose not to go through the entire website to find out exactly what they were looking for. Sending visitors with the help of different PPC ads to highly relevant landing pages is advisable. Displaying what the ad is precisely featuring on the landing page will increase their probability of buying.

Moreover, make sure that your inquiry forms are not too long and they should also be optimized for conversions. The criteria for the best forms can be 4-5 fields and they should be asking the most relevant information like contact details. Properly designed inquiry forms are also a great way to improve the efficacy of the post-conversion sales process.

 Ranking is a consideration

Google ranking is a great way to check how well your website is performing online. Google tends to rank websites based not only on relevant search terms but also on other factors like speed, number of backlinks, its responsiveness on mobile screens, and much more.

Run a complete website analysis to find out what your site is lacking. Make sure your web content is entirely optimized for search engines and targets the required number of keywords. You can run a speed test to examine your website’s loading speed and learn how to increase it. Lastly, make sure your website is frequently updated.

 Gaining trust of the customers

Reviews and case studies of your past clients are mandatory to show your business’s genuineness to your new customers. If users find that people have had great experiences with your company, they are more likely to contact you. Your featured work and exceptional customer service will help encourage the users to convert.

Your website can also build trust by providing users information about the service or product you provide. By sharing content that provides value addition on your website, you’re not just building trust but also selling yourself. If your content shows that you possess the expertise in the field, then there is no chance your user would not want to buy from you.

 Bad user experience can be a reason

How easy it is for a user to interact with your website is called user experience or UX. Successful user experience provides you with more convertible leads and provides you a competitive advantage over others. It is going to make your business design more effective in terms of generating leads.

Utilizing UX software that creates customer journey maps can help you analyze where the users tend to be clicking and what information allures them the most. This will allow you to remove any errors in the website design that may hamper good user experience.

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