10 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Sales

10 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Sales

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by OptimusFox

Ecommerce Marketing

If you have an ecommerce website you need some marketing strategies to find new customers as well as compel old customers to keep coming back to your store. With these proven marketing strategies and tips for ecommerce stores, we are going to tell you how to bring traffic to your site, build relationships and trust with customers, and get back those lost sales. Are you ready to increase your online sales?

Determine Your Sales Cycle

Every business is unique in nature. How long does it take for a customer to make a purchase on your site? Knowing how customers travel through your sales process can be helpful so that you can develop the best ecommerce marketing strategies possible.

If you don’t know how long it takes a customer to complete your sales cycle it will be difficult to identify which platforms you should be advertising on, when you should be vigorously retargeting or sending emails. Does your potential lead convert to a customer in a week, a month, a year? Defining your sales cycle will need some research and testing as well. Once you get it done, you can move on to our next marketing strategies for your ecommerce store.

Make an Effective Checkout Process

Reduce cart abandonment by optimizing your checkout process. This is one of those marketing strategies that is often neglected by ecommerce businesses but it is perhaps the most important one. You spend so much time developing a relationship based on trust with potential customers to get them to purchase from you. And, you need to carry on building that trust throughout your checkout process. If your checkout process is smooth, effortless and trustworthy from beginning to end, you will definitely increase conversion rates and decrease cart abandonment.

Your Checkout Process Should be as easy as possible

Try to place everything on one page. If you need to have several pages, consider showing a progress bar at the bottom of each page so that your customers can know how much longer your checkout process will take. Make buttons in your ecommerce website design that are easy to find – the more time a customer spends finding the next button or the checkout button the faster they can become frustrated with your site.

Give Customers and Search Engines Useful Product Descriptions

If you are selling any type of clothing or accessory, enable the visitors to have a size guide. Not only will this help customers but it will bring less returns of orders for your business. You may add customer reviews or testimonials on your online store as well. Make sure you have a dedicated page that answers the frequently asked questions. This can also be favorable to your SEO if you write excellent descriptions that include keywords. Brush up on what SEO is and how it works before you dive in. Optimizing your descriptions on the ecommerce website will help you move higher in search rankings which means more visibility for your business which can result in generating more sales.

Show Shipping Costs to the Customers

No one likes to go through the process of entering all of their information into your site and end up with a huge shipping cost. Try to be in front of the customers. If you can do this, let them know how much they will be paying at the start of your check out process. Or make a flat rate shipping if this is an option for your products.

Besides being upfront about your shipping costs, give customers an idea of when their products will arrive or if there are any other shipping details they need to know.

Give Customers the Option to Shop before Check Out

If customers have the option to keep adding products in the cart before they check out they might consider it and continue checking out. But most of the time customers will continue to go through your site just to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Ecommerce marketing strategies like this are easy to integrate into your checkout process. Simply add a “keep shopping” button adjacent to your “checkout” button. Make sure they are both easy to locate on your web page.

Show Customers What Modes of Payment You Accept

You can add the logos of the types of credit or debit cards your store accepts. It helps in building trust with buyers and makes them feel safe when they are entering their credit card information. Add famous security seals to increase trust of the customers as well. If customers recognize a security logo they will feel relaxed knowing their credit card information is in safe hands.

Retargeting the Customers

According to stats, 98% of people do not convert on their first visit to a website. If you want to get those sales you will need to apply retargeting marketing strategies on your store. There are many ways you can retarget customers so that they return to your site to buy your product. One of the commonly used ways is to run retargeting ads on other websites. When a customer visits your site and leaves without purchasing anything, you can use other sites that they are visiting to show your products. You can also retarget customers with email marketing campaigns. Have you ever added items to your cart in an online store without buying and received an email after a few days that looked something like this? If yes, you have been retargeted. These emails may tempt you to purchase products you have left behind or to purchase other items on the same site. As a result, it will increase traffic to your site which can bring more conversions.

Email Marketing and Automation

Building an email list is as easy as attracting users to give you their emails when they purchase a product. Social media campaigns can also help you collect emails. Creating an effective email marketing strategy can involve stand-alone emails as well as automations. You can even set up email automations for abandoning the cart, welcome to store and order automations.

Cart abandonment emails help in retargeting customers when they leave something in their carts. You have probably received such emails before reminding you to go back and complete the purchase on the store. It’s one of the “friendly reminder” ecommerce marketing strategies that will help your business bring those lost sales back.

Update Your Ecommerce Website

If your business has been around for a while, you may consider updating your website. People trust things that are well known so if your site is similar to other sites in terms of design, your customers will feel safe and comfortable. Design is continuously changing so make sure you are updated with the latest trends. By hiring our professional ecommerce development services, you can develop sites that build trust and increase sales.

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